Chris Martin's New Girlfriend Annabelle Wallis Can't Cure Depression Post Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin may be in a new relationship with Annabelle Wallis, but that has not been much help to the depression he gained during his breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow. Coldplay singer revealed recently that he suffered through some pretty serious depression when he parted ways with his wife, which still probably is affecting his relationship with his new girlfriend.

"I still wake up down a lot of days. But now I feel like I've been given the tools to turn it around," he said to the Sunday Times. "You can come at it very aggressively and blame and blame. Or you can put yourself in the garage, so to speak. Take yourself apart and clean off the bits. Reassemble."

"That one Rumi poem changes everything. It says that even when you're unhappy, it's good for you. It took me a year to get it. A year of depression and all that," he added.

During that year of depression, and months following, Chris Martin did his best to put himself out in the world by seeing other people. Most famously, he dated Jennifer Lawrence, which did not last long due to her busy schedule and, looks like, his emotional unavailability.

"We were all worried about him—the band, his family," Phil Harvey, a close collaborator with Coldplay, said according to Vanity Fair. "When someone's really, really low and on their own a lot, as a friend, your mind goes to the worst-case scenario... That period didn't last forever, but there was a time when we were all regularly checking in on him, just trying to make sure he wasn't on his own."

While there are very few things that Annabelle Wallis can do as his girlfriend, things might be getting slowly better for Chris Martin. When he performed for the Super Bowl 50 half-time show, he managed to get the support of his girlfriend as well as his ex-wife to cheer him on.

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Annabelle was also there in the stadium to see her boyfriend make history.While Chris' depression has caused ups and downs in his relationships, it looks like the the 31-year-old actress is willing to stick around to make it all work. To show just how grateful he is, he sent her a bouquet of multi-colored pastel roses for Valentine's Day, showing her that she is still on his mind.These roses probably reminded her of the days that they were frolicking all over Paris, basking in the light of new love.

"The Coldplay singer was pictured snogging the face off British actress Annabelle Wallis during a trip to Paris," reports Metro. "The loved-up pair didn't seemed to care who was watching and even performed an impromptu dance on the pavement."

They also spent some days in Malibu, in the beginning of their relationship, displaying their playful and giddy love to the public.

"It seems Chris Martin's new romance has turned him into a changed man after the singer was spotted putting on another public display of affection with new love Annabelle Wallis," reports Daily Mail. "The Coldplay frontman, 38, was in a very playful mood as he lifted up the Peaky Blinders actress, 31, as they enjoyed an evening stroll before dinner in Malibu."

But many months have passed since they started seeing each other this past fall. With the new Coldplay album coming out, and the consequent tours to follow, their relationship may become more strained with schedules getting crammed with performances, engagements and other duties.

Do you think Chris Martin will prioritize his new girlfriend over his time with his ex wife in the future?

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