‘American Horror Story’ Showrunner Ryan Murphy Talks Season 6

American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy is just about the most secretive executive producer in all of Hollywood. As AHS fans know, getting Murphy to spill teasers and even something as simple as the new season’s opening theme is virtually impossible, but Ryan was caught between a rock and a hard place when he attended this year’s Paleyfest. Fans cornered the American Horror Story mastermind, and they weren’t about to let him go without some answers and, surprisingly, he gave out a few details.

American Horror Story‘s Ryan Murphy Shares His Season 6 Thoughts

Fans have been waiting months for news on Season 6 of American Horror Story, and their patience has been rewarded by Ryan Murphy himself, as he reunited with the show’s cast. That reunion took place as a part of the AHS panel at Paleyfest, and it was there that Murphy spilled the first real details about what fans can expect from the sixth installment of Ryan’s brainchild.

“The interesting thing about the season is that we’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done,” said Murphy.

Ryan’s statement really offered nothing new about season 6 and he must have seen the dissatisfaction on his AHS fans’ faces, because he then added some exciting casting news.

“I don’t want to say what it is, but I will tell you that every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back.”

That leaves just one question for the American Horror Story fans who weren’t fortunate enough to attend Paleyfest. Which actors and actresses joined Murphy on the AHS panel? Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson were all present, and will presumably be returning for another season, if they so choose.

Rejoining Murphy behind the camera lens will be executive producers Tim Minear and Brad Falchuk.

American Horror Story Season 6 Is Still A Mystery

One really had to wonder why Ryan Murphy even attends these events, other than to show off the fact that he has a secret. While the rest of us are running around trying to figure out what the American Horror Story showrunner knows, Murphy is sitting there like that spoiled rich kid, hoarding all of the candy. The only problem is that the rich kid usually gets punched in the nose by the end of the story.

To Murphy’s credit, the AHS mastermind did drop a couple subtle clues to the American Horror Story Season 6 theme. It seems Ryan is not quite done exploring the evil that lurks in young minds.

“The show has always felt to me like an opera,” suggested the American Horror Story co-creator.

Could that be a hint in itself? A possible Phantom of the Opera spin? One could definitely envision Denis O’Hare as the Phantom.

Just as that idea begins to form ideas in the minds of bloodthirsty American Horror Story fans, Murphy adds seeds of yet another Season 6 theme.

The AHS executive producer added that horror “often deals with the innocence of children, and their wide-eyed way into it. Both ideas we’re working with have elements of children.”

Murphy also commented on his previous statement that, as the series evolves, fans will come to see a connection between all seasons of American Horror Story. Further teasing this idea, Murphy suggested that he hoped AHS would last decades and that, as time passes, fans will see the different worlds of American Horror Story colliding.

Ryan added that those AHS worlds will interact, “sometimes in a very bizarre, interesting way. You will be seeing more and more of that as we go along.”

[Image by FX]