Brandi Glanville Says Yolanda Foster’s Only Real ‘RHOBH’ Friend Is Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna Says She Has Always Been Concerned For Yolanda

Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed the return of Brandi Glanville. As the other housewives went off to Dubai, Brandi visited Yolanda in her home. Not surprisingly, after Yolanda told Brandi about what was going on between her and Lisa Rinna, Brandi became furious at Lisa and unleashed a torrent of criticism and insults at her.

In her BravoTV blog post recapping the latest episode, Brandi continued her criticism. She accused Lisa and the other housewives of picking on Yolanda in order to take the focus off of themselves. Brandi also declared that Yolanda’s only real friend in the group is Erika Girardi.

“I was more than surprised–I was actually shocked when Yo told me about the Munchausen’s accusations. Yolanda has been fighting this illness for years, and there has never been a question that she could possibly not be sick–that is until both Kim [Richards] and myself left this group. These women were just looking for an easy target and always need someone to pick on so that they don’t have to deal with their own sh–. The treatment of Yolanda this season has been deplorable, and these women should be ashamed of themselves. The only REAL friend to Yolanda in this group has been Erika, and I’m thankful she has been around.”

Brandi also admitted that while she misses some of the housewives a bit, she needed a break from the drama. She also admitted that there were times while watching the current episodes when she felt immense rage.

“I would be lying if I said part of me didn’t miss some of them a little bit, but at the same time I really needed a break from the drama. While watching the show, there have been moments where I have literally wanted to jump through my TV screen and wring a few necks.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brandi lashed out at Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump after watching the episode in which they talked about Yolanda not wearing any makeup. Brandi declared that Yolanda’s prettier than all the other women on the cast.

On the latest episode, Yolanda told Brandi about how during Camille Grammer’s charity event, Lisa walked in “all bent out of shape” and all of a sudden laid into her about her having lunch with Brandi and Kim Richards. Brandi immediately accused Lisa of wearing a wig and being negatively affected by all the glue that she uses to keep the wig in place.

“Well I think that wig glue is effecting her brain and she needs to check herself. That glue that she puts that wig on with is affecting her brain.”

Yolanda laughed and said that Lisa doesn’t wear a wig. Brandi was adamant about Lisa wearing a wig.

“Yes. It’s like one wig and one style. I want to get one and be her for Halloween. No, I’m not lying, she wears wigs.”

In her confessional interview, Brandi told Lisa to get a life and eat some food.

“Dear Lisa Rinna, get a f*****g life. Eat some food and stop talking about my friend. You have nothing else going on in your life. #straightjacket #realfriends #motherf—-r. Get some help.”

Yolanda also told Brandi that Lisa has been saying that she has Munchausen syndrome. Brandi accused Lisa and the other housewives, including Kyle Richards, of purposefully going after her now that she’s sick.

“What the f**k. What is wrong with her? Well you know Kyle said it best when she said they like to prey on the weak cause I feel like, you know, Kim obviously has her struggles, they went after her cause she’s an easy target. You’re sick so let’s go after you.”

In a previous episode, Lisa Rinna questioned why Yolanda Foster went to lunch with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards, which she found out about after Brandi posted a photo of the outing on social media, but then later canceled on going to Erika Girardi’s dinner party. Lisa didn’t quite believe Yolanda when Yolanda explained to her she had already committed to lunch with Brandi and Kim prior to Erika’s invitation and that after finishing the lunch, her body and brain wasn’t strong enough to continue on to dinner. Lisa voiced her opinion that Yolanda uses her illness to get out of things.


In Dubai, Lisa told the other housewives that while she doesn’t question whether Yolanda is sick, she questions how Yolanda “uses it.”

“I’ve never doubted that she’s sick. I question sometimes not her sickness — how she uses it, how she displays it and when she chooses to show up and when she doesn’t.”

Erika Girardi spoke up to defend Yolanda.

“I think she would like to be here with us tonight. Why would you rather be at home instead of being here? Look at where we are — this is a gorgeous place, Lisa. Who doesn’t want to see her two daughters absolutely dominate Fashion Week in New York and Paris? Who wants to stay in a bathrobe? I don’t think that’s fair to say about her.”

Interestingly enough, Lisa Rinna, who tweeted as the episode aired and is usually very outspoken on social media, didn’t give any reaction to what Brandi Glanville said about her. Lisa also didn’t make any mention of Brandi in her blog. Rather, Lisa used her blog to defend herself. Lisa wrote that her issues with Yolanda Foster doesn’t mean that she questions other people’s chronic illnesses. Lisa also wrote it’s normal for her to be confused over Yolanda’s condition and that she has always been concerned for Yolanda.

“I want to make it quite clear and go on the record to say that I in no way doubt anyone’s chronic illness or severity of what they go through on a daily basis…What has gone down between Yolanda and me is in no way associated to anyone else suffering from chronic illness, and I apologize to those of you that took any part of my questions meant for only Yolanda and attributed them to your own personal journey to wellness…Chronic Lyme is confusing for most doctors I have spoken to. So for us to be confused is quite normal, I believe. I have always been concerned for Yolanda and what she is going through.”

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