‘Booster Gold’ Plans Teased By DC Comics’ Geoff Johns — Fans Will Be Happy

DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, gave some up-to-date information regarding Booster Gold. There were questions asked regarding the future of the character. Johns responded, but he asked the ComicBook correspondent what medium was in question, be it TV, big screen, or in the comic books.

At the recent red carpet event for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Johns spoke about the kind of plans he had for Booster Gold, although he didn’t refer to the format.

“You’ll see [Booster Gold] very soon, and there’s talks about…there’s actually a lot of plans for Booster Gold, one of my favorite characters. But yeah, Booster Gold fans, you will definitely be happy with what we’ve got coming up in the years ahead.”

To cover Booster Gold in both big and small screens, retrospectively, back in July, Den of Geek reported via a discussion with Legends of Tomorrow producer Phil Klemmer at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, a hint regarding the status of the Booster Gold TV series. At first, it was said back in 2012 the show would be appearing on the SyFy channel, but wound up not happening. Later, there had been talks of Booster Gold showing up on CW’s The Flash.

Klemmer did mention Andrew Kreisberg to be working on a Booster Gold project and a version of the Geoff Johns’ written Booster Gold story regarding time travel and a premise much like that of Legends of Tomorrow was acknowledged, but with Rip Hunter sending the hero through time to correct problems in the space/time continuum.

That said, Klemmer was asked if the Booster Gold TV project was dead or would get folded into Legends of Tomorrow. Klemmer stopped, hesitated, and then continued.

“It’s not dead, but it is not…I don’t know. But it’s not dead.”

A Booster Gold movie rumor was going around in September last year about him teaming up with the Blue Beetle in a buddy movie. Zak Penn was said to be writing, with Arrow and The Flash producer Greg Berlanti in the helm to direct and to be the executive producer.

The Booster Gold movie is said to focus more on the comedic element as a “superhero buddy cop movie,” according to Slash Film. That being said, this particular genre, should it come to fruition, would probably stand separately from the more grim Batman v. Superman mood. At last year’s Wizard World in Chicago, Firefly’s Nathan Fillion said he wanted to play Booster Gold, according to ComicBook.

“I think I could take a pretty good crack at Booster Gold. That’s kind of my niche… show-offy, vain. I think I could handle that… not too bright.”

For those unfamiliar with Booster Gold, he was a football player from the future. He tarnished his reputation by wagering on his own games. He was rather arrogant in nature at first but later become a desirable superhero. This hero’s back story isn’t too much different from the Doctor Strange character from Marvel Comics. There seems to be a common theme for a lesson in humility.

Blue Beetle teamed up with Booster Gold in the comics and it was often their relationship dynamics that empowered the two and entertained readers. Not only are they known to team up with the Justice League team, according to Screen Rant. Also, the folks over at Tracking Board last year say the two are planned to appear in a future Justice League movie.

Of course, it’s just planned, but plans can change. It would be nice though to see Booster Gold along with his cohort in the DC Cinematic Universe.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]