Harry Styles ‘Feels Betrayed’ By Zayn Malik’s Recent One Direction Disses, Source Says

Zayn Malik hasn’t held back when it comes to talking about his time with One Direction, and for at least one former band member, Zayn’s slams have been disappointing.

In fact, Harry Styles would go so far as to say he “feels betrayed,” Hollywood Life reported.

“Harry feels betrayed because he was always there for Zayn when he really needed a friend. Behind the scenes, Harry was a steady rock for Zayn, always building up his confidence,” an unnamed source told Hollywood Life.

Zayn Malik announced that he would leave One Direction nearly a year ago in an effort to embark on a solo career. Ever since, Malik has put together his first album, titled Mind of Mine, which is scheduled to be released on Friday.

Malik has already released a few songs from the album, and one of them has been extremely popular. When Malik released “Pillowtalk,” he gave fans a taste of his new R&B style — which is vastly different from the pop sound of 1D — and fans responded positively. In fact, “Pillowtalk” quickly landed in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Before he released “Pillowtalk,” Malik told fans that his new music would sound nothing like the music he made with One Direction, and even called 1D’s music “uncool.” Malik has said that he wanted to leave One Direction from the first year he was in the band, and in a recent cover story with Complex magazine, Zayn Malik alluded to the idea that One Direction’s music is not authentic — at least, it wasn’t authentic to him.

Still, Zayn stuck it out with One Direction for as long as he could, calling it “an experience that had to be dealt with at the time.” Now that Malik is out on his own, he’s able to do more of what he likes and be more true to himself — and that includes growing a beard, something he wasn’t allowed to do while he was one of the five 1D members.

Zayn Malik’s One Direction slams may have hurt Harry Styles’ feelings, but there’s not denying that the disses also did something else: They’ve generated a ton of headlines. Because Zayn has received so much attention, some media speculates have begun to speculate about competition between Harry, Zayn, and the other One Direction band members. According to the unnamed Hollywood Life source, Harry never wanted to compete with Zayn in this way, and said instead that Harry hoped to remain friends with his former band mate.

“He never wanted to compete with Zayn, none of the guys wanted to compete with anyone. But Zayn was always really competitive and Harry just brushed it off as low self esteem. Nevertheless he was always a loyal friend to Zayn.”

Though the source reports that Zayn is ultra-competitive, Malik himself said in his complex interview that none of this is about being competitive, though admittedly, Malik does like to win.

“I’m not overtly competitive. I don’t shout it from the rooftops. But yeah, I always want to win.”

For the most part, Zayn and Harry should have little to compete over for the time being, as One Direction is currently on a hiatus.

What do you think about the idea that Harry Styles might be hurt by the comments made by Zayn Malik? Do you think there is any friendly competition between the guys of One Direction and Zayn? Why or why not?

Find out more about Zayn Malik’s solo career and his first single in the video below.

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