Jenelle Evans Hospitalized In NYC, Forced To Postpone Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans has been riding the headlines in recent weeks. It all started when her car went missing after a trip to Florida. Since then, she has been battling a mystery illness. While Evans reportedly figured out her symptoms were linked to the birth control she was taking, things have not improved completely. This past weekend she was in New York City for the taping of the Teen Mom 2 specials with her boyfriend, David Eason. All of the girls went out on Saturday night, and apparently Evans was hanging pretty hard the next morning.

Many have been accusing Jenelle Evans of faking her issues for attention. According to In Touch Weekly, Jenelle Evans ended up in the hospital on Sunday. There were reports that she was holding back the other Teen Mom 2 stars from filming on the final day. Assumptions were that Evans was hung over after partying hard the night before. MTV had brought in a nurse with an IV to help her get fluids, but she wanted to go to the hospital. Evans ended up missing her flight home, thus missing her court date yesterday. She was supposed to begin the custody battle with Nathan Griffith yesterday, but now it has been pushed back to April 4. Evans isn’t overly concerned about the setback, which isn’t shocking.

The season premiere of Teen Mom 2 aired last night and Jenelle Evans was being her typical self, including arguing with Nathan Griffith over the phone. She also had another spat with Barbara Evans when she came to pick up Jace. Evans was having a hard time dealing with Kaiser screaming non-stop, and being able to spend time with Jace. Many fans commented about how she would be too overwhelmed with both boys at home, yet Evans is still fighting for full custody of both boys.

Last night, Jenelle Evans was planning to boycott the live after show of Teen Mom 2. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jenelle Evans was upset with her co-stars because she felt bullied. Apparently, the other ladies were upset for the antics she was pulling with her medical issues on Sunday morning. They didn’t believe Evans was legitimately sick and assumed it was from partying hard the night before. That isn’t uncommon for the girls. In fact, back when the Teen Mom OG reunion was held, several of the stars had to get IV treatments in the morning before they could go out and film. After much debate and several tweets, Evans decided to attend the taping. She is still under contractual obligation and without the money she gets from the show, Evans would be unable to fight the custody battles she is currently taking on.

The next several weeks are going to be important for Jenelle Evans. She is going to have to relive the last few months of her life on camera, and then move forward with attempting to win two custody battles. Nathan Griffith is going to be pushing hard against her. With the accusations he is throwing out against Evans, it is unclear how the judge would rule. The situation with Barbara Evans and Jace is different and much less complicated. Evans may not win against her mother, but there are far less accusations being thrown out against her in that case. Teen Mom 2 has documented several unhealthy episodes between Evans and Griffith, some of them not very proud moments. While Evans is convinced she will be able to move on with her life and win both of her boys, there are doubts coming from onlookers. Jenelle Evans is going to have uphill battles with Barbara and Nathan, and she could lose everything if she doesn’t get her life together.

[Photo via Jenelle Evans/Twitter]