Lori Loughlin Is Tired Of Answering ‘The Olsen Twin’ Questions

Lori Loughlin is tired of talking about the Olsen twins. Since Netflix series Fuller House was announced, no one from the original cast has come out of the press without having answered the question of whether or not the Olsen twins will appear on the show at some point.

When it was certain that there would be a full 13-episode season, fans hoped that Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashely Olsen, or possibly both would return to reprise the youngest Tanner sister, Michelle Tanner. What made people more intrigued is that the Olsen twins were the only cast members to not join the show immediately. Then, the twins seemed to miff producer and occasional guest star John Stamos, when they claimed they hadn’t been approached to join the show.

As it turns out, the official word as of right now is that Ashley Olsen is not interested in returning to acting, and Mary-Kate couldn’t make her schedule work to appear on the first season. She didn’t exactly say that she was open to appearing on a possible second season, but fans are hopeful, as are Stamos and company.

That said, ahead of season 2 of Fuller House, Lori Loughlin, who plays aunt Becky, Stamos’ wife on the show, is tired of having to answer questions about the Olsen twins, but it’s not how it sounds. The reason why she’s tired about answering the dreaded question of will they/won’t they play Michelle Tanner is because she is fond of the twins.

Loughlin told E!, “I am tired of fielding the Olsen twin question. You know why? I love the Olsen girls and I think they’ve built this amazing fashion empire, they’re women now, they’re leading their lives and if they don’t want to come back and do the show, that is their choice. [Laughs.] I have no judgment about that.”

The last cast member to comment on whether or not Mary-Kate or Ashley will jump back into Michelle Tanner’s shoes was John Stamos. Stamos explained that in the end, the immediate no response came from the twins’ agent, and then he had heard the girls say that they didn’t have an agent, which is what caused the initial confusion.

In the end, Stamos thinks there’s more to this story. He told the Hollywood Reporter, “I hear rumblings that it wasn’t their choice, I guess, to be in that show when they were kids, so I think — again, I can’t speak for them — but I have heard that they don’t have the best of memories of it, and they kind of just want to move on.”

The best case scenario is that Mary-Kate Olsen can find the time to fly from New York to film a guest appearance in Los Angeles, so we can stop talking about whether or not we’ll get to see all the Tanner girls reunited.

For the first season of Fuller House, the writers came up with a fine way to still incorporate Michelle into the fold, even though the former actresses were missing from the show. In the pilot episode of the Netflix series, it was said that Michelle was off in New York creating a fashion empire — just like the twins! After that zinger the main cast members broke the fourth wall and addressed the camera to much applause.

As for how the show did, the heavy dose of nostalgia worked for fans, but didn’t exactly work for critics, who slammed the show for its hokey sensibilities and lackluster writing.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]