Joe Giudice Says Goodbye To Family As He Prepares For Prison

Joe Giudice is getting ready for prison, and as expected, it’s been an emotional time for the Real Housewives of New Jersey family. Giudice, who seemed to be at ease ahead of his 41-month sentence, was said to be emotional before heading off to jail.

According to People magazine, the family had a going-away party for Joe at the Blu Alehouse, which packed in 150 people, 50 of whom were children. A source close to the family, John Harms, owner of the Blue Alehouse, described the scene. Harms said that although it was under upsetting circumstances, the event was a happy one.

“Everyone had a great time. It was such a nice night. But of course, people were sad that Joe is leaving soon. It was a family reunion.”

Harms also spoke to E! and elaborated more about Joe Giudice’s disposition during the event, which wasn’t without a tearful joke or two.

“There were toasts, [and] Joe had a few words to say. He told everyone, ‘Stop making me cry, I’m not going to the electric chair. His attitude is as good as it can be. You can tell he’s being strong for everyone else. There were a lot of tears.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Teresa Giudice, Joe’s wife, and star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, finished her 15-month sentence two months ago. Cameras were all over the house to document Teresa’s return, which was business as usual. While Giudice was away, the filming focused on how Joe was taking care of their girls in Teresa’s absence. He seemed to have his own series of ups and downs as he coped without his wife.

In case fans want to see what it will be like for the family to say goodbye once again, Radar Online reported that the cameras will be there as they all prepare to say goodbye to the man of the house. “Cameras will of course document the final moments at home as he says good-bye to [Teresa Giudice] and the girls.” Joe and Teresa’s final moments together will be captured on the seventh season of the show.

In an interview with People magazine, the reality star spoke about his kids, and how they will cope with his long prison sentence. “My kids are very smart, and they know what the deal is. The younger ones don’t understand why you have to go, what you did — I don’t think either one of them know exactly why you are going in, but you we just told them that we did some things wrong and we gotta go in.”

According to the source, Joe “doesn’t want a lot of hoopla as he goes in.” Prior to finding out about the big dinner, it was said that he just wanted an “intimate dinner” with a few family guests. Doesn’t look like Joe got exactly that, but it seems like it was a nice farewell.

While Teresa’s absence from the family was a huge loss, there’s a lot of risk that comes with Joe going to jail. One of the things that might come up is whether or not Joe will be deported back to Italy after he’s released from prison.

As we know, Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to “bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and failing to pay his income taxes.”

In the end, it’s said that Giudice “had a meltdown” with daughter Gabriella while speaking with her. That said, Joe seems to be nonchalant about the sentence, saying that it was “not a big deal.”

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]