Ashley Graham Ad Banned By US Television Networks [Video]

Ashley Graham has been an outspoken proponent for women’s body image. She made history after she became the first plus-size model ever to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The Daily Mail reported that ABC and NBC banned the ad that featured Ashley Graham and other plus size models. The commercial was a part of Lane Bryant’s This Body campaign. It shows Graham, Precious Lee, Georgia Pratt, Tara Lynn, and Denise Bidot embracing their bodies. It has been reported that the site did not really comment on what was wrong with the ad, but rejected it “as is.” NBC says it’s asked Lane Bryant to make a “minor edit to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines,” TMZ has reported.

The video is here.

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model and is two sizes bigger than the average American woman (the average size being 14), the Inquisitr had reported. Ashley Graham is considered to be one of the more vocal proponents of healthy body image.

“It is so important to be healthy and I truly believe you can be healthy at any size,” the Daily Mail reported her as saying.

Graham says one can be healthy at any weight.

“You can be a size 2, 12 or 22, it doesn’t matter as long as you get off the couch and you take care of your body. Your body is going to thank you at the end of the day,” she said.

Graham had said that she was very fortunate to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She said the magazine was taking a huge risk by putting her on the cover. Graham may sound upbeat, but she can’t shut up all the critics. Former Sports Illustrated model Cheryl Tiegs had criticized the magazine by said that such covers are “glamorizing full-figured women,” Daily Beast reported. Tiegs said she did not think anyone should have a waist that is over 35 inches.

“Actually I don’t like it that we’re talking about full figured women because it’s glamorizing them because your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]. That’s what Dr. Oz said and I’m sticking to it.”

It’s certainly hard to convince her.

But Ashley Graham has said in several interviews that she takes pride in her body and the way she looks.

“I was born plus-size,” Graham told Yahoo! Style. “My first [modeling] job ever was lingerie. My mom had to sign a petition that said they would airbrush my nipples out!”

However, Ashley Graham responded to Tiegs’ critique with a lot of style.

According to the Inquisitr, she said, “Oh my goodness. It’s so interesting because Cheryl has been an inspiration because she is a Sports Illustrated girl for so long and I think what this is doing is proving that beauty does come in all shapes and sizes and I applaud Sports Illustrated.”

However, Graham admitted that she was left a bit speechless by what the former Sports Illustrated model said. Ashley certainly knows how to handle her critics, and she does it well.

Graham said, “I thought it was an interesting comment and honestly, I was left a little speechless when I heard it but you know Cheryl’s beautiful and I wish her the best.”

That’s like a true player! It seems like Ashely Graham can be a great role model for those who have a tough time embracing their bodies. She even handles the critics really professionally.

Do you think the ad featuring Ashley Graham should have been banned by the U.S. television networks?

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