‘The Young And The Restless’ Cast Changes: Several Core Characters Are Dropping Out Of Sight, Is The Show Making The Right Call?

There are some cast shifts on the way on The Young and the Restless, and these definitely have fans buzzing. News just came out about actress Sofia Pernas being dropped to recurring, and now reports indicate that a core character has been taken off-contract as well. What’s the scoop?

Just days ago, Deadline reported that Sofia Pernas, who plays Marisa Sierras, had suddenly been dropped to recurring status. Just on the heels of learning that news, Pernas scored a new gig. She will be playing the role of Coriander on the new CW series, taking over the role from Amrita Acharia.

This casting news may have had Young and Restless fans scratching their heads a wee bit, given the fact that Noah had just proposed to Marisa as the news emerged. Now, however, this seems to make a bit more sense given the latest reports. According to Daytime Confidential, actor Robert Adamson has also just been taken off-contract.


Why drop take these two off-contract right after Noah managed to succeed in the trial regarding Billy’s hit-and-run accident and the two just got engaged? The Young and the Restless teasers indicate that the show’s reasoning was that there is a lack of storyline for Noah and Marisa.

Not only is Daytime Confidential noting that Adamson was dropped to recurring due to lack of storyline, they indicate that Pernas’ change of status was not due to budgetary reasons as initially claimed, but due to lack of storyline ideas. Just as Adamson was getting stories to sink his teeth into, with plenty more that surely could have been done in the months ahead with Luca sticking around town, Young and Restless seemingly decided to head in a different direction.

While Hunter King, who plays Summer, had been a bit scarce in Genoa City for a bit, Young and Restless viewers have seen that she has been given quite a bit more to do lately. Considering that she is clearly headed for a troubling romance with Luca, fans can surely expect to see her more prominent in the episodes ahead. What about her romance with Kyle? It seems that has quietly crashed and burned for good.

News also just emerged that Lachlan Buchanan, who played Kyle in this latest return, has been dropped from the show entirely at this point. Soap Central shared that the actor had posted, and then deleted, a tweet acknowledging his last day of filming recently. Having Buchanan in the role of this legacy character role never really took off, as Y&R never seemed to have much of a plan for this Abbott family member. Buchanan had been dropped to a recurring status a while back already, so seeing him quietly depart again won’t ruffle too many feathers.

However, some would say that dropping the character of Noah Newman to recurring is a bigger deal. Given all of the turmoil within Newman Enterprises right now, it seems a stretch to say there is nothing to do with the character. There is never any lack of drama surrounding the Newman family, and Young and Restless spoilers have detailed that there is a great deal of action related to the family set to play out in the episodes ahead. Unfortunately, it seems that when it comes to this legacy character, the writers have run out of ideas at the moment.

Will the show make moves to drop anybody else from Young and Restless? As it turns out, not only will there be no more Kyle and less of Noah and Marisa on-screen in the episodes on the horizon, Kristoff St. John has tweeted that there won’t be much of Neil Winters in the mix for a stretch ahead either. Is The Young and the Restless heading in the right direction with these cast changes? Who do you want to see get a hot storyline in the episodes ahead?

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