Demi Lovato Shares X-Ray After Getting Whiplash In The Ocean

Demi Lovato shared an x-ray on Twitter this week after she says she went paddleboarding without her contacts in, hit a wave the wrong way, and got whiplash.

The “Cool for the Summer” singer says she’s okay. Later this week, she’ll have a procedure (presumably corrective Lasik surgery) that will ensure she’ll never have to wear contacts or glasses again. As those of us with weak eyesight know all too well, summertime is a difficult season to bear, what with trying to rock sunglasses or go swimming and still be able to see.

Of course, Demi wasn’t looking for sympathy with her post; the 23-year old was all too quick to make fun of herself and her tendency to get injured by doing mundane things. Once, she says, she broke a bone just walking around.

Demi Lovato has had more serious injuries, as well; a car accident in 2011 left her with aches and pains that she still has to deal with.

“I already go to a chiropractor twice a week because I have a really bad body. I got in a car accident and it’s so horrible…it’s still so messed up,” she said in an interview with Hollywood Life.

Perhaps because of her own experiences, Lovato isn’t one to take life for granted. Last year, she wrote a lengthy note on Instagram describing an experience she had on the highway while stuck in traffic with her dog, Buddy, saying that sometimes we need to get out of our own heads for a moment to gain a little perspective.

“Last night I was stuck in 0 miles an hour traffic. Hungry, tired, I just wanted to eat and then go to sleep. At first I was extremely annoyed and frustrated because as the cars were stopped not only did I need to sleep and eat but so did Buddy. In fact he had to pee and traffic was so bad I pulled over on the 405 and let him out on the side of the road (safely, on a leash, far away from the highway of course). As I started researching why traffic was so bad I discovered there had been a critical accident. I don’t know if that meant it had any fatalities but I knew it was bad. And then it hit me.. I realized how selfish it was to get annoyed and upset because of how ‘inconvenient’ it all was for me. As I safely rode in my car with my little Buddy, I became so grateful that it wasn’t anyone I knew or even myself in that accident,” Lovato wrote.

After learning that one man had died in the accident and two others were injured, Demi said she felt the need to share the experience with others as she found reasons to be grateful for what she had.

“Today I am grateful for my health and my loved ones. Life is too short so let’s remind ourselves to be thankful for the little things,” Lovato wrote.

Demi certainly has quite a bit to be thankful for; the actress/singer has a thriving career and a supportive beau in Wilmer Valderrama, who praised her recently for working so hard doing what she loves to do.

“We’ve been in each other’s lives for her entire journey, so to see her evolve as such a multi-faceted artist to me, is really, what people needed to see. I’ve known this about her for a very long time, so I’m very proud of her,” Valderrama said of Demi.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]