Where’s Waldo? In Police Custody For ‘Very Disorderly’ Behavior

Some may remember the character Where’s Waldo? from their childhood, the star of a series of search and find books by Martin Handford. Known as Where’s Wally? in the United Kingdom, the Where’s Waldo? books challenged young readers to find a man dressed in red and white on a giant picture densely packed with other illustrated characters. While Where’s Waldo? may have fallen into obscurity over the past few years, it seems the character may have finally been found in Boston this week. And poor Waldo’s not doing so well.

According to the Huffington Post, a man dressed exactly like the picture book character Where’s Waldo was seen at the Boston South Station on Sunday behaving in a “very disorderly” manner, and disturbing the other pedestrians around the station. Police were called to the scene to escort the man dressed as Waldo away from the area.

A photo of the bizarre incident was tweeted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police and posted on Facebook. It shows two officers on either side of the culprit, who was wearing the iconic red and white striped shirt and striped hat that is used to identify Waldo within the picture book series. However, the man was missing the cane that Waldo almost always carries.

The photo was shared with the caption, “Where’s Waldo? He was at South Station being very disorderly and needed to be escorted out.”

The hilarious tweet has since been shared more than 400 times, and has amassed even more likes.

The actual name and identity of the man dressed as Where’s Waldo has not been released to the public at this time. It is also unclear whether or not the man was released by police right after the incident with a warning, or if he was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace or drunk and disorderly behavior.

The irony of the incident is how the man dressed as Where’s Waldo but behaved exactly opposite to the children’s book character, who goes out of his way to remain unnoticed and hidden within a crowd. Instead, this man made a point to make himself known.

Where's Waldo [Photo by Martin Handford/Wikipedia]According to the Boston Globe, the drunken Where’s Waldo was celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day weekend at the time of the incident. He was waiting for a train after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Though police didn’t say exactly how the Waldo impersonator was behaving, they claimed he needed “to be escorted out.”

Internet users from all across the world were eager to react to the disorderly Where’s Waldo story, with many leaving comments poking fun at the boisterous, costumed partier.

“Poor Waldo. But at least you found him. Any news on Carmen Sandiego?” said one Facebook user.

“Congratulations on finding Waldo!” said another.

“Dang it Waldo! You had one job!” said a Twitter user.

One Facebook user claims he saw the man dressed as Where’s Waldo on the train, and that he was especially mean and belligerent to the other passengers.

Waldo Fan dressed as Where’s Waldo. [Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images]This isn’t even the first time someone dressed as Where’s Waldo has caused a disturbance at a train station. In 2014, a group of people dressed as the character were caught on film engaging in a full-on brawl.

This week also brought another funny example of a children’s character behaving badly. Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on a man dressed as the Easter Bunny who got in a fist fight with the father of a 1-year-old girl. Find out why here.

[Photo via the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police]