Tasha Hatcher: Texas Mom Was On Meth When She Put Her Daughter In The Oven, Police Say

Tasha Hatcher was allegedly high on meth when she put her toddler daughter in the oven. The 2-year-old girl was naked when her Texas mom put her in the oven and reportedly suffered both second- and third-degree burns to 14 percent of her body.

Both Tasha Hatcher and her daughter were naked when they appeared at a neighbor’s house after the girl was removed from the oven. According to police reports, the toddler girl had “fresh burn marks” on her body. The 35-year-old Texas mom confessed what she had done to her daughter when talking to the neighbor, the Daily Mail reports.

When Glen Rose police arrived at the North Texas home where the single mother lives, Hatcher reportedly began “singing to God” and then made sexual comments to a deputy. The police report also indicates that the woman confessed to shooting her cat, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Tasha Hatcher said that before she put her daughter in the oven, she placed the shot cat onto the rack as well. She was transported to a local emergency room for evaluation before being driven to jail, where she is still being held on a $300,000 bond. Hatcher has been charged with a first-degree felony — causing injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

In her discussions with the police officers, the Texas mom reportedly mentioned taking the K-2 synthetic drug. After admitting to the drug use, the child abuse suspect then reportedly continued acting in a sexual manner while talking to herself.

Although there was reportedly no physical evidence Hatcher had taken K-2, she did test positive for methamphetamine, alcohol, and marijuana at the hospital. The Texas mom did not ask where her daughter was or what had happened to her, according to Glen Rose police investigators.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Tasha Hatcher said when a children’s services worker asked the mom if she remembered putting her daughter in the oven, during a jailhouse interview.

“Ask me questions and I will lie to you,” the Texas mom added.

The child abuse suspect then reportedly said her little girl had been “healed” so she could pack up her things and leave.

The child has now bee placed in state custody. A judge will ultimately determine if she can be sent to live with relatives or placed into the foster care system, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth News reports. An uncle to the child told local reporters that relatives are not permitted to have contact with the victim until children’s services complete their investigation.

The Child Protective Services visit after Hatcher put her daughter in the oven is not the first contact the agency has made with Hatcher. In 2005, children’s services workers interviewed her after a friend claimed she allowed her son to leave the home without parental supervision. A year later, Tasha reportedly left her son at a 24-hour daycare center for more than 31 hours as she worked as a dancer. When she finally came to pick him up, the staff at the center reported her for being intoxicated, the Daily Mail reports.

After the boy was not returned to his father after a visit to her home, an Amber Alert was issued for Hatcher’s son. This is also not the Texas mom’s first arrest. In 2008, she was convicted of DUI and marijuana possession. Tasha Hatcher’s Facebook page states she now works for both the StoneWater Church in Glen Rose and at the Quality Inn and Suites.

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