Playstation 4: Rockstar’s Classics ‘Bully’ and ‘Manhunt’ Released For The PS4 In The UK, Will They Come To The US?

In a shocking surprise, the controversial game development company, Rockstar Games, released two of its classic titles to the PS4, the mischievous Bully and the vicious Manhunt on the UK PlayStation Network.

According to, the two Rockstar classics were emulated from their original PS2 versions to fit the PS4.

The PS4’s PS2 emulation feature allows players to replay PlayStation’s most iconic games on the PS4. The re-releases features everyone’s classic games they grew up with and emulates them with top-notch PS4 graphics for a brand new visual aesthetic.

The PS4 release of Bully, for one, will also include trophy support. Bully may also have the privilege of not facing scrutiny by anti-bully critics this time, also, during its release.

Many anti-bullying organizations expressed their discontent with the game, claiming that it advocates bullying as the name of the Rockstar title may imply.

Rockstar’s proclivity towards making violent games probably didn’t help their case, either.

In addition, an article written in 2006 by MTV Newsreports that the game was initially dubbed a “Columbine simulator” by an attorney, implying that it would effectively entice easily-influenced minor to commit acts of bullying.

However, ever since Bully was released and hence reviewed, even the Rockstar game’s most harshest critics came to a consensus that Bully was not initially the game they thought it would be and its protagonist, “Jimmy,” was not the “Bully” they thought he’d be.

Bully is centered around a pupil named Jimmy enrolled at Bullworth Academy after being kicked out of more schools than he can count. To make matters worse, Bullworth is described as “the worst school around.”

Jimmy spends his days at Bullworth, playing pranks, getting involved in conflict between schoolyard cliques, and contrary to popular belief, standing up to bullies instead of simply being one himself.

For the most part, Jimmy isn’t doing much of the Bullying in Rockstar’s Bully. Therefore, the PS4 release of Bully shouldn’t face any scrutiny this time.

Currently, Rockstar’s Bully and Manhunt have just been released on PlayStation network UK for the PS4. No official announcements have been made if Rockstar will release its cult-classics, Bully and Manhunt, for PS4 in the United States.

What Will Rockstar’s Manhunt For the PS4 Be Like?

Manhunt was Rockstar’s entry into the is a survival-horror genre for the PS2. The game was so violent it nearly earned the infamous AO rating (which can be as damaging for profits as getting tagged with an NC-17 rating in film).

Manhunt features a death-row prisoner, also named James (like Bully’s Jimmy) who has to go through various parts of a city murdering gang members in the most grisly ways imaginable.

Akin to Bully, Manhunt is being released on the PS4 “with full 1080p rendering and other features like Trophies, Share Play, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for the PS Vita or PS App.”

Fans will now have the pleasure of reliving Bully and Manhunt. However, there are still cries for Rockstar to release new titles altogether for the PS4.

Game Rant also reported that even a true sequel to Bully and Manhunt would suffice, as speculations of Manhunt, in particular, surface about the Rockstar game being featured at E3.

The Inquisitr previously reported on what a next-gen PS4 Bully would look like on a powerful Unreal Engine, below.

Are you excited for Rockstar’s release of Bully and Manhunt?

[Images via Wallpapers Wide/Rockstar, Flush Arcade/Rockstar, Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian]