Tom Schwartz Nervous About His Wedding: How He’s Dealing With The Pressure

Tom Schwartz finally proposed to Katie Maloney on this season of Vanderpump Rules, and it was a proposal that had been expected. But now that the couple is engaged, Tom is feeling the pressure of the wedding. While Katie may be dreaming up her wedding on Pinterest, Schwartz is starting to think about the wedding planning, and he isn’t too happy about it. While he could propose and put a ring on it, don’t expect him to do a seating chart.

According to a new Bravo report, Tom Schwartz is now stressing out about his wedding because he simply doesn’t know who to invite or where to place them. Of course, he has all of his friends from the industry, his friends and family members, and then all of his Vanderpump Rules cast members.

“The guest list is the biggest stress factor for me,” Tom told Page Six recently, adding, “I know so many great people around the country and the world. But the usual suspects will be there, my ‘Vander’ buddies. I’m more stressed about that than anything else.”

Schwartz had become super nervous about proposing to Katie. Even though he knew what he wanted, he was scared of settling down too early. Throughout earlier seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Tom kept saying that he wanted to be financially stable before getting married. And even though he may not have millions of dollars on his bank account, he is convinced that he can still get married.

Well, at least we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that much of the Vanderpump Rules squad will likely be there to see Tom and Katie tie the knot, which is more than we can say for when he proposed to Katie this season of the show. But even so, Tom’s ability to keep it all together during the big moment was seriously impressive.

“I felt an air of cool, calm and collectiveness,” he said during the interview, adding, “Everything felt good. I had the perfect ring, I had close friends there and I had a good game plan, I just needed to let everything fall into place.”

As for the actual wedding, Schwartz and Katie are planning to keep it local. That means their families will have to travel to California for the big day. And will the wedding be filmed for Vanderpump Rules? They have talked about it and their answer may surprise you.

“We’re keeping it in California,” Schwartz revealed, sharing, “We want to be surrounded by nature and be a bit secluded. We talked about it, and we’ve lived so much of our life on camera that we would love to film the wedding.”

After watching the proposal, Tom revealed that he was relieved. During the scene, he did seem very nervous, but the proposal went down without any problems.

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“Well well well. I did it. I sealed the deal. Put a ring on it. Great advice from Beyoncé by the way. I felt like I was so close to being on the wrong side of the meaning of her put a ring on it jam. Key elements to the proposal were surprise, not just for Katie but for everyone present, the perfect ring, great friends and a little quirk with the decoy proposal. The ring was really my anchor though. My ace in the hole. Even if I would have completely botched the proposal, the ring was so perfect that I couldn’t have failed. Kyle Chan was absolutely crucial in helping make this ring come to fruition and I want to give him a special thank you. Couldn’t have done it without out you friend,” Tom Schwartz revealed about the proposal, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Tom Schwartz’ decision to stress out about the wedding?

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