‘Sisters In Law’ Provides A Fascinating Look At Six African-American Female Lawyers

According to WE tv’s Sisters in Law page, this new series is set in Houston, and follows a very close-knit group of powerful and glamorous female lawyers. Sisters in Law explores how each of them manage to juggle and balance time between their families, their careers, and their social obligations.


Variety shared that the show examines the women’s shared struggles for success, as they practice civil and criminal law. Sisters in Law showcases their drive and passion as these strong and powerful women break new ground in regard to trying cases in a traditionally white, male-dominated profession. Viewers will get a taste of just what it takes to be successful in a career where there is a lot of fierce competition, stress, and pressure.

“Legal dramas have long been a popular TV genre, but have not been represented in the unscripted space — until now,” Marc Juris, WE tv’s president, told Variety.

“Working in concert with our production partners we actively sought to develop shows around topics that haven’t been explored, yet lend themselves naturally to great, buzzy stories and powerful characters. The very nature of ‘the law’ coupled with the intense personalities of lawyers gives us a wide range of storylines and characters to showcase. Behind each of these attorneys is a rich story waiting to be told.”

According to WE tv’s bio information and videos on these dynamic women, Jolanda “Jo” Jones is a criminal defense attorney and activist. She is the “David to everybody else’s Goliath.” She believes that her tough upbringing enabled her to do the job she does today, and uses that skill set to fight for her clients.

Monique Sparks practices criminal and family law, and handles both misdemeanor and felony cases. She describes herself as so much more than a lawyer, and more like a “social worker on steroids.” She says that prayer often sees her through and jokes that it’s cheaper than cocaine.

Juanita Jackson is a criminal defense attorney and public defender for Harris County. She represents people who cannot afford an attorney. She says that she fights for people’s lives and liberty. She says that the hard part that most people don’t realize is that even criminals are human and deserve to be represented. She goes on to say that she always sees where the other person is coming from and often plays the role of mediator for the Sisters in Law group.

Rhonda Wills run her own civil litigation firm with her husband, founded with a settlement from her own case involving sexual harassment. She describes herself as a “dragon slayer,” taking on the big corporations. She states that she is now able to represent people who are victims, just like she was. She has four children, and sometimes she finds it difficult to balance everything because she has so many people, including her clients, depending on her.


Vivian King is a criminal defense attorney and also the matriarch of the Sisters in Law women. She states that she is the best lawyer in Texas, and has guided each of the Sisters in Law women in their careers. She’s known for fighting hard for her clients, at times mentoring some of the young men that come her way, and at times taking on cases for free.

Tiye Foley is a civil attorney working for a large law firm in Texas, and she specializes in intellectual property. Tiye is married and is a newcomer to the Sisters in Law group. Her bio on Sisters in Law states that she is involved with women’s empowerment groups that provide inner-city girls with the necessary tools to understand their own unique brand of beauty and independence.

The eight-episode series provides a fascinating look at the world of the Sisters in Law as they share with viewers their struggles for success whether it’s as they practice law, spend time with their families, or meet with each other at various social engagements.

Sisters in Law is produced by Collins Avenue Entertainment and with producing partner Kim Coles. Jeff Collins, Michael Hammond, Sandi Johnson, Bryan Stinson and Laura Halperin are the executive producers.

Will you be watching this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. Sisters in Law debuts on Thursday, March 24 at 10 p.m. ET on the WE tv channel.

[Image via WE tv/Facebook]