Quincy Jones Receives News From Ellen DeGeneres For An Hour-Long Special On HBO — ‘I See Myself Doing Comedy … Living Life’

Comedian Quincy Jones, who shares the same name as the famous music producer, was diagnosed with cancer in July, 2015. The doctors diagnosed him with diagnosed with Stage 4 mesothelioma cancer and given a year to live. However, with the help of Ellen DeGeneres, HBO and countless other caring people, Quincy’s dream of taping stand-up comedy is coming true.

When most people receive a diagnosis of terminal cancer, it often leaves them feeling weak, depressed, and defeated, but it had the opposite effect on Quincy Jones. He decided to make his remaining time on Earth his best years, and continue to pursue his passion, comedy, by taping an hour-long special.

In between his chemotherapy appointments, he continues to do his tour of comedy shows. He wants to leave behind a legacy of comedy, of making people laugh and have a good time, so they can forget their problems. He wanted to leave behind a legacy that will last for generations. Quincy Jones is undergoing chemotherapy and performing when he is well enough.

Quincy Jones always had a busy schedule and in 2013, he did 1,000 shows, or approximately 3 shows a day. Now, he wants to do bigger and greater things before his time is done. To help him achieve this dream of starring in his own stand-up special, Nicole Blaine and Mickey started the Kickstarter page, which Quincy talked about on his first appearance with Ellen DeGeneres.

Nicole and Mickey wrote on the page, “Quincy Jones, stand-up comic, has one dying wish: Leaving his mark by making an hour-long comedy special. Help fulfill his last dream.”

To date, 1,204 backers have pledged $50,273 to help bring this project into reality. However, Ellen DeGeneres wanted to help him along. She and her people called HBO and told them Quincy’s story and dream. HBO agreed to give Quincy this opportunity. Quincy’s stand-up comedy act will air on HBO, and it will be taped on April 4 at the Telegram Ballroom in Los Angeles, to air this spring.

When Ellen DeGeneres delivered the news to him on her show, Ellen DeGeneres, he was completely surprised and filled with happiness. Ellen, her staff, and Quincy’s people managed to keep the news from him so Ellen could tell him personally.

Because of the chemo treatments, Quincy cannot travel as freely as he used to, so to help him, Shutterfly donated $10,000. However, that was not the end of their generosity, and they wanted to help him with the expenses of having his own comedy show on the air, so they donated another $15,000.

The Boston Globe talked over the phone on Monday, and Quincy admitted that he was not feeling very good after receiving chemo on Tuesday.

“I feel nauseous. I feel sore. I feel tired.”

However, Quincy Jones manages to maintain a positive attitude toward things in life.

Quincy is thankful for the show of support he has received from people he does not know and other comedians. “I never really think of this as just me, doing it alone. Sometimes you may feel alone, but I know for a fact that I’ve never truly been alone through this. And I’ve been blessed in that regard.”

When Quincy Jones asked about his HBO special, he responded, “I’m really excited. I’m in rarified air when it comes to comedians’ specials now. Not everybody gets an HBO special. Not everybody gets a special, period.”

Quincy will be performing at the CitySide Comedy Club in Brighton, Massachusetts, on March 28, at 8:30 p.m. His show is free, and for more information, go to www.citysidebar.com or call 617-566-1000. Quincy has another comedy act in Boston at the Limelight Comedy Club on March 30, starting at 7:30 p.m., and the cost for this show is $6.12. For more information, check out the website www.limelightcomedyclub.com call 617-423-0785.

Quincy said that when he is doing stand-up comedy, it makes him feel good. In a way, he leaves cancer at the door and it is very rare that he will include it or mention it in his performances.

“I don’t feel sick when I’m on that stage. Everything before and after the performance, I can deal with. But during the performance, I plan on being as light and as carefree as possible.”

Quincy Jones has a great attitude on life and living, and he is not dwelling on the diagnoses given by his doctors. After all, doctors have been known to be wrong, and miracles still happen.

“I see myself doing comedy. Living life. I didn’t choose to accept this prognosis and I still don’t. I’m going to keep fighting, I’m going to keep living my life. I’m going to keep doing comedy and spreading joy.”

[Image via Ellentv.com]