Lala Kent Admits Her Makeup For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Wasn’t Good

Lala Kent admits that she may have overdone it with her makeup for her first Vanderpump Rules reunion show. After part 1 of the Season 4 reunion show aired, Lala poked fun at her appearance on the special.

Lala posted a cartoon of a woman with garish makeup. Lala sarcastically wrote that she channeled the makeup quite well for the reunion show. On a more serious note, Lala added that she “can’t slay the whole game” all the time.

As the reunion aired, a lot of people posted comments on social media making fun of Lala’s makeup. Some questioned how the makeup artist did such a bad job and why no one warned Lala to change her look.

At least one of Lala’s co-stars agreed that her makeup was horrible. In response to one viewer who asked Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney about Lala’s makeup and told them that they need to help her, Scheana replied that you can’t help a lost cause. Scheana added that she tried.

Scheana tweeted that she was questioning Lala’s makeup. Scheana joked that she won’t share her makeup artist with Lala.

Scheana actually saw Lala prior to the start of the reunion filming. A clip posted on shows Scheana talking to Lala, after they had their makeup and hair done, outside a makeup and hair trailer. Asked who’s the better singer, Lala voted for herself.

“I am a better singer! But I will still sing with you!”

Scheana actually agreed.

“Lala hands down. She has a beautiful voice. I can’t sing for s**t. I just did it for fun. [laughs].”

It’s not clear whether Scheana actually said anything to Lala about her makeup.

Prior to the start of the reunion filming, Lisa Vanderpump also paid Lala Kent a visit in the makeup and hair trailer as the makeup artist was dusting Lala’s face. If Lisa thought that Lala’s makeup was a bit too much, she didn’t seem to voice it or show it. The clip posted on just shows Lisa asking Lala how’s she feeling and commented that she looks scared. Lala admitted that she was scared. Lisa asked her who she’s the closest to in the cast. Lala mentioned Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, and James Kennedy.

Lisa sympathized with Lala over feeling scared that she’ll get ganged up on, saying she’s “been there,” which seems to a reference to her own experience on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Listen, in a few hours it will all be over, you know. Nobody can take anything away from you. You just, what I want you to do is for you to stay strong and don’t let me down.”

Lala brought up her first appearance on Andy Cohen’s live talk show Watch What Happens Live, which was so disastrous because of her constant swearing and incoherent statements that Andy vowed never to let her return as a guest. Lala said that she’s fine with embarrassing herself but she feels bad when she hurts or family or Lisa’s brand. Lisa told Lala that contrary to what she might think about herself, she’s beautiful and smart.

“Well I’m not fine with you embarrassing yourself. You’re a beautiful girl. You’re a smart girl.”

Andy Cohen actually had a change of heart and recently had Lala Kent on Watch What Happens Live a second time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andy said that he made the decision to invite Lala back after they spoke at the Vanderpump Rules reunion show. In contrast to Lala’s first appearance on Andy’s talk show, she didn’t curse, answered questions coherently, and seemed to have a good time her second time around. As with cursing on live TV, perhaps Lala has now learned a lesson regarding wearing too much makeup and will redeem herself on her second Vanderpump Rules reunion show — if she does have a second one.

[Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images]