Kailyn Lowry Puts Pregnancy Plans On Hold: Javi Marroquin Spotted With Other Woman?

Kailyn Lowry returned to Teen Mom on last night’s season premiere, and it sounds like things haven’t exactly gotten much better between Lowry and her husband, Javi Marroquin. On the previous season of the show, she revealed that she seriously considered getting a divorce from Javi. The two had already worked out a custody plan for little Lincoln, but they decided to work on their marriage. On last night’s premiere, Kailyn revealed that Javi had no interest in joining in on the family activities, and this was hurtful to her. Now, more details are surfacing about their marriage.

According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry is being mentioned in a report about her husband, as he could be talking about his marital troubles with another woman. It is no secret that he has been away from the home for a while now, as he was called to serve with the Air Force. Lowry has been filming Teen Mom specials in New York, and Javi has been posting pictures with another woman. Radar Online is hinting that Javi could be getting closer to this other woman. Who is she?

It appears that the other woman is someone who is working with Javi. The two have been posting pictures with one another, and she supposedly posted a Snapchat video of her laying next to Javi while he was sleeping. One can imagine that Kailyn isn’t too happy about this, as she has no power to ask him to not hang out with her. The report claims that Lowry hardly knows this other girl.

“Kailyn doesn’t know the woman,” a source has revealed, adding, “She [only] met her once at her friend’s bridal shower and apparently she works with Javi. Kailyn feels like Javi can hang out with whoever he wants. She’s his wife, not his boss.”

Even though Marroquin has been hanging out with another woman, it sounds like Lowry doesn’t really care. She’s at home, and she recently revealed that her marriage was doing just fine. He is currently serving in Qatar. The two FaceTime regularly, and one can imagine Javi has told her about this other girl. But one can imagine it is hard for Lowry to watch the Snapchat video of Javi sleeping in the same bed as another woman.

Before Marroquin headed overseas, Kailyn Lowry told him that she had suffered a miscarriage. She decided to share this journey on Teen Mom so fans could see how they managed to deal with the miscarriage. Even though Javi really wanted another baby, Lowry has decided to put the baby plans completely on hold. It is possible that she has changed her mind based on how he’s behaving in Qatar. Now, Lowry wants to finish school.

“I really just hope that people see how much I’m trying to grow,” Kailyn told People recently about her miscarriage, according to the International Business Times. “I’m hoping that shows on the show and I’m hoping that I see it in myself.”

Lowry hasn’t revealed when Javi is scheduled to come back, but one can imagine that she isn’t happy about what is happening on social media. And it is possible that she’s seeing these posts along with the rest of the world and doesn’t have a chance to talk to her husband before seeing them.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s decision to put a pregnancy on hold? Do you think there’s trouble between her and Javi, since this other girl seems to be sharing so much information about them together?

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