‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Brynn Rumfallo Faces A Huge Challenge Against Maddie Ziegler In ‘Brynn’s Big Moment’

What’s coming up on Tuesday’s episode of Dance Moms? Spoilers detail that Brynn Rumfallo will be given an opportunity to shine in this one, but things could get tense as a challenge related to Maddie Ziegler is presented. Abby Lee Miller is putting together a new project for the girls, and viewers can be sure that there will be dramatic moments incorporated into this March 22 show.

According to TV Guide, the Season 6, Episode 12 show is titled “Brynn’s Big Moment.” Rumfallo will be given a chance to become a permanent member of the ALDC team, but Abby Lee Miller presents a challenge to her first. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Brynn will be told to choose some team members for a group performance. If she beats the team that Maddie Ziegler creates, she gets the Abby Lee Dance Company spot.

Dance Moms spoiler previews from the show’s Facebook page tease that Rumfallo will be feeling the pressure of succeeding with her team, but she’s not the only one feeling pressure. Kalani’s mom, Kira, is struggling with some heavy emotions, and it seems she’s not getting much support from some of the other moms.

Jess, in particular, seems critical of Kira’s emotions, which seem to be tied to being back in California with Kalani while leaving her fiance and son back home. This is the first that Kira has been back with the show since having Jett, and while she has the baby with her, Dance Moms spoilers detail that she’s clearly feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep up with everything.

It also sounds as if Kira may be worried that Rumfallo could end up bumping Kalani off the team. Ultimately, however, it seems that Brynn is being groomed to replace Maddie, given the rumors about the Ziegler girls leaving the show. Although nobody has confirmed anything official as of yet, Dance Moms spoilers detail that Maddie, Mackenzie, and Melissa have wrapped filming, and viewers should be seeing it play out on-screen in a few weeks.

Tuesday’s episode also brings a project with Todrick Hall to create a Wiz-inspired commercial that will also drive the ALDC group performance in the next competition. Dance Moms spoilers detail that the girls are thrilled to be working with Hall, but Miller goes a bit crazy trying to set the stage for the commercial as she envisions it.


What about the next competition? Dance Moms spoilers from the Instagram page “dancemoms.updates” details that Brynn’s team included Mackenzie and Kalani while Maddie’s team included Kendall and JoJo. The group dance called Ease on Down the Boulevard took first place in the teen division, and Brynn’s trio took first place as well. Maddie’s group reportedly took second place, so this was a big win for Rumfallo.

Viewers may see some emotional moments play out between Brynn’s mom Ashlee and Abby. Dance Moms spoilers tease that the Rumfallos ultimately left the competition separately from the rest of the group, but chances are that this spat doesn’t impact things for too long. While Brynn isn’t specifically bumping anybody off the ALDC team, she is said to be sticking around for future episodes and seemingly will be doing quite well.

It sounds as if there are a handful of episodes slated to air before Maddie Ziegler and her family say farewell to the show, and viewers are anxious to see how Abby Lee Miller’s continuing legal issues impact the show. Does Brynn Rumfallo get a permanent spot on the team thanks to her big win in this next competition? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama plays out on the next episode of Dance Moms.

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