Vivian Gaspar-Guerrero Abduction: Missing Washington Girl Found Safe [Video]

Vivian Gaspar-Guerrero, a 16-year-old Washington girl who authorities feared had been kidnapped, was found safe and alive Wednesday, just hours after an Amber Alert was issued.

According to Fox News, Washington state’s Mason County sheriff’s office had issued the alert around 7am Wednesday morning after Gaspar-Guerrero’s parents reported she was missing from their home west of Shelton, Wash.

Vivians parents said their daughter’s bedroom was in disarray, the screen had been cut, the window had been open, and there were signs of a struggle. Police reports also noted that the teen’s cell phone was left, further indicating she may have been abducted.

By late Wednesday afternoon, however, the girl was found in Olympia, Wash., which is about 25 miles southeast of Shelton.

“At this point in time, I can tell you she’s safe and being interviewed by a detective,” said Chief Criminal Deputy Dean Byrd. “We know absolutely it was not an abduction.”

Prior to finding Gaspar-Guerrero, authorities had contacted her former boyfriend earlier in the day, asking him to call if he heard from the girl.

The young man made that call as soon as Gaspar-Guerrero made contact with him, Byrd said.


“He did the right thing,” the deputy said. “He had no involvement in her leaving home.”

Gaspar-Guerrero’s parents said they don’t know why she left, but right now they’re just happy to have their daughter back home.

Authorities said the teen didn’t have a history of running away.

KTLA has more on the story of Washington’s Vivian Gaspar-Guerrero in the video below: