Kim Fields Writes Her Final Blog For ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Kim Fields joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year because she thought it would be fun to try filming a reality show. Fields thought that she would be joining a group of professional women who supported one another, but she quickly learned that she was a target for Kenya Moore. It didn’t take long for Kenya to question everything from Kim’s career, her abilities as a producer, and even her marriage. Fields recently revealed that she was planning on leaving the show, and many people aren’t surprised at her decision.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Fields is now dishing on her final moments after filming the reunion special a few weeks ago. Kim may have been quiet and innocent on the show, but it sounds like she was ready to fight and protect her family — whatever it took. But during her final questions for the show, Kim decided to keep it positive. In her final Bravo blog, Kim Fields talked about her classy reunion look and how she felt on the couch.

“Beautiful, supported, and confident! So grateful my glam squad did such a wonderful job — thank you Victoria, Erica, Jaz, and Kevin! The support my family and I have received all season from the fans on social media, in person, etc. has just been amazing. In addition, our personal ‘village’ has been fantastic holding us up with love, light, and laughs. That beauty and support reinforced a marvelous confidence. Sasha Farber recently told me, ‘Confidence breeds power; power is contagious.’ I love that; I felt that,” Kim Fields reveals about her reunion look and how she feels going on Dancing with the Stars.

During the reunion special, Andy made a comment that could have been seen as shade from Andy. He simply said, “No I’m not Kim Fields,” in response to a comment made by one of the other housewives. They all laughed at the comment, but Fields could have easily taken offense to the whole thing. Does Kim feel odd about it?

“Child, please… No shade, all jokes and love from Andy Cohen,” Fields revealed to Bravo, sharing that she doesn’t have any bad blood with Andy.

However, she did tell Kenya Moore to “say something” when the two ladies feuded during the reunion. And this was the first time that people saw Fields flip out. So what was going through her head at the time?

“Home Training 101; Communication 101; Respect 101: If you want to be heard, LISTEN. If you don’t like being interrupted, shut the f— up. I wished ‘Luther the Anger Translator’ was available,” Kim shared with the network.

Kim recently revealed that she was done with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she has no interest in returning to the show. Even though she had fun with the ladies at some points throughout the journey, she wasn’t pleased that her marriage was questioned, that her husband’s sexuality was brought out for all to judge, and that the ladies felt she wasn’t a good fit for the show. According to Perez Hilton, Fields revealed that she was leaving the show during a radio interview.

“Feels more like Brett Favre and the Jets, I’m done,” Fields revealed about being done with the show, adding, “Think about too, at the beginning of the season, what did my mama say? ‘Get in and Get out’… so listen to your mama! It was for the experience, it was to be able to do a genre that I’d been asked to do before and finding a way that makes sense for my team and my family. Overall it was a really great experience.”

Are you surprised that Kim Fields is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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