‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Paul’s Condition Is Dire As The Rescue Effort Plays Out, And Rafe Faces A Shocker During The Process

There is a big episode on the way on Tuesday for fans of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that it is time for the rescue effort to save John, but there are some surprises on the way. Viewers know that Paul is also being held, and Yo Ling is working to brainwash him. However, the rescue team will discover that there has been another hostage hidden away, and this will shake things up in Salem. What can viewers expect from the March 22 show?

As We Love Soaps shares, John will be determined to free himself in this next episode, as he is desperate to get to Paul before Yo Ling can brainwash him and create permanent damage. Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that John is not successful in saving his son before Ling’s plan is carried out.

Marlena is hoping to intervene and save John, but Steve and Rafe have a plan as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Marlena, Steve, and Rafe will all converge on the facility where John and Paul are being held, and the two are rescued. However, Rafe finds something, or someone, shocking there as well.

While viewers will have to tune in to see how the rescue plays out and whether Ling makes it out alive, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Rafe’s stunning discovery will be that he finds his mother, Adriana, hidden away there as a hostage as well. Soap Central shares that Rafe will take her back to Salem as the week continues, and there are a lot of dramatic moments ahead as the Hernandez family sorts through all that has happened.


Dario has returned to Salem, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he learns the truth about Eduardo’s past work during Tuesday’s episode. He is said to have a very strong reaction to the news that Eduardo has worked as an assassin, but viewers will see as the week continues that he isn’t exactly an angel himself.

Steve, Marlena, and John will be rushing Paul to the hospital this week after they are rescued, but Paul faces difficult times ahead. Will Ling’s brainwashing leave him permanently changed? The show has teased that there’s a significant storyline ahead for this character, and this seems to be where things will finally kick into gear.


As the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Adriana will reunite with her children, and Chad devises a plan to deal with Ben. Summer and Maggie work on getting closer to one another, but Dario is encouraging Summer to take advantage of the situation.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are some big changes ahead in the coming months. Not only is Kate Mansi leaving her role of Abigail, with the role seemingly being recast, but reports have just emerged indicating that DOOL is writing out Belle, Shawn, Summer, and Lani soon as well. There are some big returns in the works, with Aiden coming back and several others returning to Salem for at least a short time as well, and viewers are quite anxious to see how this all comes together.

Will John and Paul fully recover after being held captive by Yo Ling? Can the Hernandez family come together after all of the drama they have endured? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.


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