More Crime Unveiled At Obama Daughters’ School Amidst Rape Allegations

Sidwell Friends School is keeping mum on the rape investigation that rocked the posh DC school that the Obama daughters attend. It seems that the rape isn’t the only incident of crime on campus, and police reports indicate that whether or not there is student involvement is still up in the air. Regardless of who is committing the crime, the question is, are the students safe at Sidwell Friends, and why isn’t the security detail for Sasha and Malia Obama curtailing the events involving theft, drugs, and alleged rape?

According to the Inquisitr, there is a rape accusation on campus at Sidwell Friends of a student, by a student, but the school is being very tight lipped about the minor being investigated and if an arrest will be made. For now, even the details of the alleged rape at the school that Sasha and Malia Obama attend are not being made public.

Radar Online has done a thorough background investigation into crime on the campus of Sidwell Friends, and whether or not their security is sufficient considering the Obama girls attend. Years of police records are showing that although Sidwell Friends is expensive, security is an issue, considering that a White House security detail is on campus daily.

The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) revealed that tuition for Sidwell Friends is $37,000, security has been lacking, and there have been several crimes committed on campus since the Obamas started attending in 2008.


Before the alleged rape by a student of a student, a car was stolen out of the Sidwell Friends driveway last June. Before that, credit cards were lifted from wallets on campus, and a MacBook Pro was stolen from the ladies’ bathroom.

These might seem like minor crimes within the boundaries of the District, but in 2013, a crime committed on campus got the attention of the police, mostly because it was suspected that students and a parent were involved. An event was announced at Sidwell Friends, and students were told to leave all of their belongings outside the gym, where they were left unattended. A surveillance camera caught a student and parent going through backpacks, stealing phones, cash, clothes, and digital cameras. There was no word from the school on how this crime was dealt with.

Just prior to that, law enforcement was called for a break-in, where a chair was thrown through the class doors, and $7,000 worth of damage was caused. According to police, the building looked as if it had been burglarized.

A student whose home was two miles off campus found himself the subject of a police raid, and he was charged with possession with intent to distribute. Hugh Langdon Elstree was found to have cocaine and ecstasy, and also had 304 grams of meth. Elstree pleaded guilty to the drugs charges, and he got probation and mandatory drug rehab.

The Daily Beast said that those around campus were willing to speak to the press, they did so only under the promise of anonymity. They passed along that this is the worst thing on campus to ever happen, and their hearts are broken. Everyone is in shock, but they have all been told not to speak to anyone about the students involved, and any details going around. Sidwell Friends is right now on spring break, and the Obama family is on a historical trip to Cuba, but it is possible that details will leak out after break ends, especially if parents and or students are not happy with how the case is being handled.

Do you think that Sidwell Friends should improve security, especially if the Obama girls are going to attend?

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