Jose Canseco Hired To Write Weekly Column For Vice Magazine

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco has reportedly been hired by NYC-based Vice magazine to do a weekly column titled Jose Can Say So.

According to NBC Sports, Canseco’s column will be published every Monday and center on whatever the former athlete deems as interesting or thought-provoking.

For this week, that means gun control and the James Holmes shooting in Aurora.

“I truly believe, aggressively, that we have the right to bear arms.” the ex-big leaguer writes in his inaugural post. “We should be able to carry guns to protect ourselves. Period.”

“The funny thing is I don’t own any guns but I would love to have a few—an Uzi and a street sweeper and a machine gun, maybe. I’d love to be able to carry a 9mm on me in a holster and just walk around. That’d be great. But you can’t in California, the state in which I live. And that’s bogus.”

Driving his opinion home, Jose references the Aurora theater shooting, and writes:

“I guarantee that if four or five or six people had guns on them in that theater, either that kid would never have gone in there, or he would have gotten blown away. That’s just the way it is. I think you have to send a message to the criminals: “No no no no no, you think you’ve got a gun? I’ve got a bigger gun. I’ve got two guns on you.” It’s simple psychology, really.

While the IBTimes questions the seriousness of Vice’s decision to hire Canseco, its certain that that magazine with get a lot of free publicity with the move.

Check out the rest of Jose Canseco’s debut post as a paid columnist here.

Readers: What are your thoughts on Vice magazine’s hiring of Jose Canseco? Are you planning on reading Jose Can Say So?