Scheana Shay Demands Apologies From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Stars

Scheana Shay decided to share a bunch of information this season about her marriage. As soon as Vanderpump Rules started, fans quickly learned that Scheana was keeping a big secret about her husband, Mike Shay. While she didn’t know about his dark feelings, Shay quickly learned that her husband had been mixing drugs and alcohol for months. Scheana decided to share her story on Vanderpump Rules, and she’s now speaking out about that choice.

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Shay is now revealing that she doesn’t have any regrets in sharing her journey on the show. Mike Shay wasn’t exactly on the show all the time to defend himself, but Scheana shared her side of the story, which only showed some facts of his struggles.

“I don’t like to have regrets. I live and learn and I learned a lot this year watching the show back and seeing the negative feedback. I will say that I’m thankful for how hard this past year was because it humbled me and made me look at things from an outside perspective. A lot of things I said were taken out of context and that was extremely frustrating. I never meant to come off as unsupportive or uneducated. Shay said over summer that he would NOT stop drinking, so I was doing my best to try and keep it in control. I’m not an expert at this. I was just trying to be a wife who supported her husband’s decisions and tried to better the outcome,” Shay revealed about her life on the show this season.

On the show, Mike got sober for a bit, but he clearly struggled to manage his alcohol. The group often go out to party and drink, and he decided to drink as well. It was clearly a struggle for him, but Scheana said that she didn’t want a sober boyfriend or husband. She got plenty of negative feedback from the viewers, who felt that she wasn’t very supportive. But things have changed now, as Shay is sober once again. Scheana is now revealing that things are actually better than ever.

“Absolutely! We’ve been the happiest we’ve ever been. Everything about our relationship is just sexier and better than ever!” Scheana Shay revealed when asked if things are going better in the marriage.

For a while, she questioned whether divorce was her only option. But during the reunion, she explained that things were great now, and she was just angry at her co-stars for questioning her marriage so much. Many people said various things while filming the show, but Jax Taylor probably said the most.

“Not surprised. It was owed. Jax apologized the second the episode aired and he knew how upset we were. Jax and I have years of a friendship and I was really hurt by him. Lala apologized because she was out of line. She spoke publicly about a situation she had ZERO knowledge of. After I let her have it at the After Show I think she knew she owed me an apology,” Shay revealed.

It sounds like the two co-stars actually worked things out prior to the reunion show.

Of course, Taylor said that Scheana’s marriage wouldn’t last and that milk had a longer shelf life than her marriage. He later apologized for the comment, because it was out of line and rude. Mike appears to be doing better these days and doesn’t hold anyone accountable for the comments that were made throughout this season.

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s decision to talk about the addiction issues? What do you think about her marriage these days?

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