NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins Coach Adam Gase Giving Ryan Tannehill More Freedom

NFL rumors have been swirling around the Miami Dolphins since the off season started. The team hired former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator to become their new head coach. Adam Gase has been a rising coaching star in the National Football League for a couple of years now. Many are curious to see what he can do now that he is running his own team. According to NBC Sports, Gase intends to give starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill more freedom.

Ryan Tannehill didn’t particular enjoy his time playing for Joe Philbin, who finally became a head coach when the Miami Dolphins hired him away from the Green Bay Packers. Philbin was very controlling with Tannehill. It was a short leash. The former Texas A&M Aggies star wasn’t always allowed to call audibles. That revelation was intriguing because when Philbin was the offensive coordinator for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers had all the freedom in the world.

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase Adam Gase [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]To his credit, Adam Gase does have a history of giving his quarterbacks freedom. Peyton Manning had a quarterback rating of over 100 during the two years where Gase was the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. Manning didn’t start to decline until Gary Kubiak took over as Broncos head coach. Kubiak stripped Peyton of a lot of freedom as a quarterback, something that he has long had in the NFL because he’s one of the smarter players around.

Adam Gase spent one season as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. Interestingly enough, Jay Cutler had the best season of his NFL career under Gase. Cutler was a lot easier for teammates to get along with, and some of that was attributed to Jay being happy with Adam calling the shots on offense. Gase made sure that Cutler was allowed to change up the plays if he saw something that the defense was doing.

Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller Lamar Miller [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]Ryan Tannehill deserves credit for making a very smart move after the Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase. He talked with Peyton Manning about his experience with Gase when the two of them were both with the Denver Broncos. Manning was very complimentary of his former offensive coordinator. That gave Tannehill a sense of relief because he truly was unhappy playing under Joe Philbin. Gase feels that audibles are a necessity for quarterbacks to find success in the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins are going to need Ryan Tannehill more this year than they did last year. The team lost Lamar Miller to the Houston Texans via free agency. Miller wanted to be paid more, so he decided to team up with former Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler to give that dominant Texans defense some help. Richard Matthews and Greg Jennings are no longer around, so Tannehill will carry more of the burden on offense.

NFL legend Peyton Manning Peyton Manning [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]Even if he improves under Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill is going to need more help on offense. The Miami Dolphins are currently scouring the free agent market to see if they can find some gems to come help. When the upcoming NFL Draft rolls around, you can be sure that the Dolphins will spend a good amount of those selections on guys that can help Tannehill make the offense respectable.

When a new coaching regime comes around, NFL players sometimes grow excited at the prospect of a fresh start. Since Ryan Tannehill was so happy with the way the previous regime treated him, it’s understand that he views Adam Gase as somewhat of a savior for his career. Being given the freedom to control the offense is something that has Tannehill looking forward to next season. Losing valuable teammates, though, takes away some of that excitement.

[Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]