NFL Rumors: Buffalo Bills Unwilling To Pay Tyrod Taylor, Quarterback Possibly Leaving

NFL rumors are swirling around Tyrod Taylor. According to NBC Sports, Adisa Bakari believes that the Buffalo Bills should rework the contract of Taylor so that he can be rewarded financially for what he has been able to do for the team. Bills general manager Doug Whaley and head coach Rex Ryan both like Taylor and want to keep him around, but they know that’s not an option now because of the salary cap.

Adisa Bakari thinks very highly of Tyrod Taylor. That’s not very surprising. The agent will make more money if he can get a bigger contract for Taylor. Bakari is quite the salesman. He’s telling the media that Taylor has been the best quarterback for the Buffalo Bills since Jim Kelly, a beloved hall of fame player. The Bills have had a lot of bad quarterbacks, and Taylor did play pretty well, so it’s not that ridiculous of a claim.

Doug Whaley [Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]

Tyrod Taylor proved a lot of people in the NFL wrong. He wasn’t expected to beat out EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel to become the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, but he did. Taylor was also not expected to play in the Pro Bowl, but he was there with some of the best players in the National Football League when the annual exhibition game was being played in sunny Hawaii back in January.

It makes sense for players in the NFL and their agents to think about themselves. There’s only so many years that they have to be professional football players, so they need to capitalize while they can. Plus, they know that teams in the National Football League usually think of things from a business perspective, as they would not hesitate to release a player they felt was no longer useful. That’s just how things work.

Rex Ryan [Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]

While it’s true that everyone needs to think of themselves first, they also need to look at their surroundings before making their decisions. The NFL has a salary cap, and executives need to build a competitive team that does not exceed the cost of that figure. The Buffalo Bills would love to pay Tyrod Taylor to stick around and run their offense. However, they are limited by the rules of the National Football League.

Adisa Bakari might be the catalyst behind the brewing issue between Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills. He’s the one trying to force a move. Bakari has mentioned to the media that there are 31 other teams in the NFL that might be interested in Taylor. In case you don’t remember, Bakari is also the agent that caused Matt Forte to have issues with the Bears and Maurice Jones Drew to bicker with the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to SB Nation.

EJ Manuel [Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images]

With the NFL badly in need of quality quarterbacks, Adisa Bakari might have the upper hand here. He’s right about other teams being interested. If Taylor was thrown on the trading block or released to free agency, then it won’t be too long before he finds a new home in the National Football League. While the Buffalo Bills certainly don’t want things to get to that point, they might not have a choice but to play along instead of losing Taylor for free.

Like most NFL teams, the Buffalo Bills want to avoid controversy. It causes unnecessary headaches and distracts the team. Agents sometimes will use controversy to get what they want for their clients. Tyrod Taylor would rather prefer to focus on playing football, but he’s now stuck in the middle of the storm because money does need to be paid. It’s just a matter of when.

[Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]