California Jewerly Store Owner Fends Off 5 Gunman During Attempted Robbery

A Garden Grove, California jewelry store owner thwarted an attempted robbery by five gunman. The quick thinking jewelry store owner facing five masked gunman was not an equally big and strong man, but a 65-year-old woman. The “granny get your gun” aspect of the brave actions taken by the jewelry store owner to protect her staff and customers makes the story a bit more heroic.

Five masked gunman pushed their way into the Continental Jewelry shop after backing an SUV into a handicap parking spot near the entrance of the Garden Grove store. The masked suspects all wore dark clothing and quickly brandished their weapons upon entering the jewelry store. ABC News reports two of the armed gunman aimed their weapons at a customer and employees while ordering everyone to drop to the ground. The three remaining masked gunman opened the pillow cases they were carrying and demanded all the cash from the register, KTLA reports.

The senior citizen store owner saw what was transpiring from a small window separating her office from the floor display area of the Continental Jewelry store. Garden Grove Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale told ABC News the jewelry store owner felt her staff and customers were in danger and fired two rounds from her handgun in the direction of the five masked gunman to scare them away.

“Obviously, we are leery of recommending that store owners take immediate action. It’s all going to have to be based on the circumstances at hand.” Lt. Nightengale stated during the ABC interview.

The entire attempted armed robbery took place in mere minutes and was captured on the Continental Jewelry store’s surveillance camera. The five masked gunman may have been momentarily stunned when faced with a short, gray-haired senior citizen pointing gun in their direction, but they apparently realized the store owner meant business.

The armed gunman stumbled and than quickly ran out the door of the Continental Jewelry store. No one was injured during the attempted armed robbery by the five masked gunman. Garden Grove police officers are still searching for the jewelry store suspects.