Internet Marketing Insights, Tips, And Tools Provide Marketers More Ways To Grow Their Businesses In 2016

Internet Marketing continues to evolve in 2016. With more automation and technology to contend with than ever, creating an effective internet marketing plan without getting overwhelmed can often seem difficult. The right insight can help marketers get the job done efficiently and achieve marketing goals.

In the Huffington Post Business, expert internet marketer Adeel Chowdhry gave his insights into how internet marketing will evolve in 2016. Chowdry is a well-known internet marketer and highly-paid consultant. He offered three different areas he believed that internet marketers needed to focus.

Chowdry suggested that marketers focus on content marketing, affiliate marketing, and online courses. Content marketing has been a growing trend in the last few years, and has been growing with a shift towards more visual content like images and videos. Chowdry said that marketers need to move away from purely text based articles and blogs to more interactive content. He said it was about engagement.

“(This kind of content is) much more engaging than a simple article, so they are more likely to draw the attention of your potential customers and encourage them to share your content.”

Affiliate marketing allows marketers to increase their revenues without having to do a lot of extra work. Depending on the type of affiliate program, marketers only pay affiliates when they make a sale or get the customer to take a certain action. He said the real value came from using affiliate networks to promote products as well as creating their own products.

The final method not only allows marketers to create new products to market, it allows them to generate revenues from teaching online. One platform he suggested that internet marketers use is Udemy. Marketers can earn money for their expertise without paying anything to get started or having any experience teaching.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, there are many internet marketing trends that will occur in 2016 that will allow marketers plenty of opportunities to increase their revenues while adapting to the new technology. Another type of marketing that marketers need to be concerned with is relationship marketing.

Building relationships with potential customers is crucial to the sale because building a relationship makes it easier to convince potential customers to buy. Engaging customers before the sale gives marketers a chance to show the potential customer how the marketer can solve the customer’s problems. Solving problems is what marketers actually do for customers through the use of products and services.

Social media marketing is an important part of any internet marketing campaign. It can be time-consuming to deploy a social marketing campaign. A tool like Hootsuite allows marketers to create and deploy 30 days at a time their social media content. It also allows marketers to monitor all their social marketing campaigns from one dashboard.

Tools like Phrase Builder and Ubersuggest allow internet marketers to develop keyword lists quickly and easily for their internet marketing campaigns. Phrase Builder helps a marketer develop plenty of keyword ideas quickly using a set of parameters, while Ubersuggest is a popular tool used by pay per click marketers. Other tools include Five Second Test, DA Checker, and Website Grader.

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