NBA Rumors: Jordan Clarkson Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Might Affect Los Angeles Lakers Free Agency Plans

NBA rumors are swirling around Jordan Clarkson. He and Nick Young made headlines because they are being accused of sexual harassment. To make matters worse, the accuser is an activist that has focused on getting professional athletes to stop such behavior towards women, according to CBS Sports. The Los Angeles Lakers have apologized to Alexis Jones, and they are conducting a full investigation. Depending on how things go, this might affect what the Lakers do with Clarkson in free agency this summer.

According to Alexis Jones, she was at an intersection in Hollywood with her mother on Sunday night. A Jeep pulled up next to them, and the men inside started making sexually harassing comments towards them. Jones took a photo of the men and posted it on Instagram. Her followers immediately recognized them, and informed Alexis that it was Jordan Clarkson and Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young Nick Young [Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]Nick Young has already responded to the allegations. He took to Twitter to state his innocence in the matter. Young alluded that Alexis Jones might have been doing this to get her name in the headlines. There might be some truth to that because the allegations might force the Los Angeles Lakers to bring her on board to educate their players. Jones could benefit greatly by being associated with one of the most well-known teams in the NBA.

Jordan Clarkson has not responded to the incident yet. At this point in time, it’s uncertain what his response is going to be. Unfortunately for NBA players and other professional athletes, a lot of times you’re guilty even when you are innocent. It is especially true if you’re set to become a free agent in the near future. Clarkson was set to sign his first big contract when the regular season ends.

Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell D’Angelo Russell [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]The Los Angeles Lakers really like how Jordan Clarkson has developed over his first two seasons in the NBA. He’s shown enough potential that management considers him to be a building block, along with D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle. The hope was that Clarkson would sign a team-friendly deal so that the Lakers can offer him a lot of money once they get his Bird rights. If they don’t want the negativity, then that plan might be scrapped.

Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell are supposed to be the backcourt of the future for the Los Angeles Lakers. They both can play point guard and shooting guard, so the Lakers can come up with some pretty creative ways to use them. Combined, the two of them were supposed to replace Kobe Bryant, the legendary Lakers star who is retiring after this season. Considering how great Bryant was, Los Angeles needs Clarkson and Russell to reach full potential.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant [Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]Fortunately for Jordan Clarkson, there’s a player in the Los Angeles Lakers locker room that knows a lot about dealing with adversities. Kobe Bryant has gone through a lot of them during his two decades in the NBA. Bryant has morphed into a leader for Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell, and Julius Randle this season. If there was ever a time that Clarkson needed him, now would be the time.

Times are stressful for Jordan Clarkson. The next couple of days are going to be very pivotal to his career and life. It’s hard to be labeled as a sexual harasser and still find endorsement deals. It’s also hard to secure long-term and gigantic contracts from NBA teams when their public relations department will have to work overtime to defend your involvement with the franchise. Clarkson is definitely a person of interest right now.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]