Niall Horan Audited By Tax Man As Golf Cancer Charity Event Launches Solo Career

Niall Horan is having a blast going to Adele concerts in England, but he is not spending his entire One Direction hiatus partying. Instead, Niall Horan is also taking time out of the launch of his golf management agency to raise money for a cancer research charity.

Twitter’s 10-year anniversary has brought up the obvious fact that at least one of the members of One Direction would be in a top-10 list of theirs — and it appears Niall Horan is at the top of the stack.

According to the Irish Mirror, Niall Horan is the No. 1 person in Ireland with the most Irish followers on Twitter. Niall Horan has 24.8 million followers, while the second-runner-up, Rory McIlroy, has only 2.8 million.

Niall Horan has a history with raising money for cancer patients and research. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

While he is receiving Twitter awards, Niall Horan appears to be leaving the Manchester area and having fun watching an Adele concert. Around March 21, Niall Horan posted a video from the Adele concert he attended on Instagram captioned with “Had the honour of watching Adele live last night… Can’t even describe how good she is … Amazing lyrics.”

The Manchester Evening News reports that video surfaced from a possibly unreliable source that shows Niall Horan was at Neighbourhood in Spinningfields in Manchester around March 17. Following this, Niall Horan was likely in London to attend the Adele concert.

Within a day after he posted about Adele around March 22, Niall Horan surprised fans by posting on Twitter with “This is going to be amazing. @justinprose99 and I are teaming up to have this event in May. Big night for a great cause.”

About this great cause, Yahoo Australia explains in a March 21 report that Niall Horan is launching his new golf project, Modest Golf Management, with a charity tournament.

Times Live reports that Niall Horan’s fundraiser will give proceeds to the Cancer Research U.K. Kids and Teens organization. The event will take place “at a secret location” on May 29 and 30. In addition to the tournament, there will also be a gala dinner catered by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his Fifteen team.

Speaking of friends, around March 17, Niall Horan posted pictures of him celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland with a pint with Olly Murs. As it appears, this might have been a business meeting because the Horan and Rose charity golf tournament will feature Olly Murs as the entertainment for the day.

Niall Horan will play more golf in 2016.
It is likely that seeing Niall Horan teeing off will be more commonplace in 2016. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Who is the Justin Rose that Niall Horan is tweeting about? Although he may not be a household name for many One Direction fans, Justin Rose is one of the many celebrity golfers that Niall Horan admires.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan recently created a Modest Golf Management social media account on Twitter and Instagram. It also appears that Niall Horan is spending time hanging out with his new manager at Modest Golf Management, Mark McDonnell.

On Twitter, Mark McDonnell reveals on March 21 that he is the person that might be behind the Justin Rose connection and calls Rose “our good friend.” Mark McDonnell’s Instagram account also reveals that he enjoyed the Adele concert at the O2 Arena in London almost as much as Niall Horan.

Sadly, while Niall Horan is representing who he truly is, Zayn Malik did not always feel that One Direction helped him be authentic. With Zayn Malik’s one-year anniversary of his break from One Direction coming up on March 25, Zayn dished about his days with Niall Horan and the rest of 1D in a new Complex interview.

One interesting insider piece of trivia from the March 21 interview is that Niall Horan and other members of One Direction were not allowed to have beards.

Unfortunately, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik might be sending each other texts these days because they could be having a hard time with a tax situation that may be affecting all members of One Direction.

Daily Mail reports that the situation involves how money is split up in the band and how the government of England likely feels they were shortchanged.

Alternatively, they also point out that “U.K. authorities received £8.2 million of the pre-tax profits made by 1D Media, the band’s company, last year, while in comparison the British operations of Facebook handed over just £4,327.”

Fortunately, Niall Horan being singled out does not always contain large amounts of shade. Instead, Teen Vogue points out that Niall Horan was insinuated to be the character named Alex in a new book by Amy Spalding called The New Guy.

Amy Spalding denies this, but she said “[M]y mother insisted that Alex looks like One Direction’s Niall Horan, and when I explained to her that he’s not even described like Niall, she said I was wrong.”

[Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images]