Missing Marilyn Monroe FBI Files Renew Interest In Foul Play Theories

Marilyn Monroe‘s death has always been a subject of both mystery and conspiracy, and the recent revelation that her alleged FBI file has gone missing has renewed speculation that the government may have played a role in the starlet’s sudden death.

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jean Mortenson) died in 1962 at the age of 36. Her death was ruled a “probable suicide” at the time, though conspiracy theories alleging foul play quickly cropped up. Some of these conspiracies alleged a government cover-up, stringing together disparate threads involving President John F. Kennedy and even the CIA, reports the Christian Post. But that’s all water under the bridge now, right?

The Associated Press attempted to obtain Marilyn Monroe’s file from the FBI for the 50th anniversary of her death. The FBI reportedly kept a file on Monroe over suspicions that she had ties to the Communist Party. They filed a request using all the might of the Freedom of Information Act, requesting everything the FBI’s got on Monroe. The FBI’s answer?

We can’t find it.

Nine months after the initial request, the FBI denies that it has possession of any records on Monroe. The National Archives, where stuff like that goes to collect dust, doesn’t have anything on Monroe either. The best AP can do? File yet another Freedom of Information Act request, this time to find out when the Monroe files were relocated. That request is still pending, according to CBS News.


There have been two major investigations into the death of Marilyn Monroe. The first occurred immediately after her death, with the second coming several decades later in 1982 courtesy of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, reports ABC News. The DA’s office reviewed all the files available on Monroe, noting that the FBI files in particular were “heavily censored.” If the AP sticks to its probe into the FBI files on Monroe, this may mark a third investigation into her death.

The most recent version of Monroe’s file is actually available on the FBI’s website. The documents are heavily redacted.

The man with arguably the most authority on the case is the original coroner – the man who performed Monroe’s autopsy, Dr. Thomas Noguchi. Answering speculation and calls of conspiracy regarding Monroe’s death, he wrote, “I would call Monroe’s suicide ‘very probable,'” though conceding that, “I also believe that until the complete FBI files are made public and the notes and interviews of the suicide panel released, controversy will continue to swirl around her death.”

Do you think that the government was involved in Marilyn Monroe’s death?