Florida Woman's Secret Body Piercings Revealed To Mom By X-Ray

A 20-year-old Florida woman found out, to her horror, that X-rays can reveal secrets, not just to medical personnel, but your your mom as well: that is, if the secrets are two nipple piercings that you didn't tell her about and she happened to be in the same room when your chest X-ray is being discussed.

As News Corp Australia reports, Sydney Allen, 20, got her nipples pierced back in June, as a birthday gift from her older sister. However, neither of the women told their mom about it, since she is, according to Sydney, rather conservative when it comes to such things as tattoos and body piercings.

Sydney thought that it would be easy enough to keep her piercings hidden from her mom - after all, she says, rarely is she without a shirt, so how likely would it be for her mom to even notice?

Unfortunately for Sydney and her mom, however, you can't keep a secret from the X-ray machines. And Sydney, who has a condition that can build up fluid in the spinal cord, has to go in for routine X-rays and other monitoring. Which is why she and her mom were at the doctor's office last week when Sydney underwent an X-ray.

Regretfully, though, the X-ray tech neglected to instruct Sydney to remove her nipple piercings before the X-rays were taken. And moments later, when Sydney, her mom, and the doctor were in the room looking over the results, this image popped up on the doctor's screen.

Oops. (By the way, Sydney has since taken down her original tweet showing her piercings.)

Her mom, who was in the room with her, was not amused.

"She was not as happy, but kept her composure in front of the doctor, just stating 'we're going to have to talk about this later.'"
Sydney, for her part, thought it was the funniest thing ever - and so did the doctor. Sydney tells Buzzfeed News that once the picture popped up, they both started laughing hysterically.

Now that some time has passed, says Sydney, her mom has mellowed out about the whole thing and actually sees the humor in it.

"The picture does make her laugh now."
Meanwhile, over on Twitter, several people are reporting that they, too, had secret body piercings revealed by X-rays.
Others comments don't see the humor in the situation, however. Not because they're fuddy-duddies who are upset about an adult woman having body piercings, but because the X-ray tech that day didn't instruct Sydney to remove all jewelry and piercings before the X-ray was taken.

So now you know: if you have body piercings and you don't want your mom to find out, best leave them off before you go for your next medical appointment.