Theo James Grooms Himself For Shailene Woodley On 'Allegiant' For Final Time

Theo James and Shailene Woodley are ready to bid goodbye to each other after premiering Allegiant, the final movie of the Divergent Series. But before they go their separate ways, Divergent fans managed to snatch up a piece of gossip. It's that the star Theo is absolutely obsessed about certain elements of grooming.

Seeing how he had to kiss, make out and be intimate with actresses as lovely as Shailene Woodley, this is something that he had to be diligent about.

"I don't really have a routine, but I have quite Greek skin, so I'm obsessive about washing my face," the actor said according to Allure. "I'm also obsessive about cleaning my teeth. I don't have oils and serums but am definitely obsessive about cleaning my teeth. I have to do it three times a day."

The fact that there are countless scenes in which Theo and Shailene are breathing barely an inch from each other's faces in Allegiant, it's totally understandable that he has become obsessed with brushing his teeth and keeping his breath nicely minty and fresh.

Maybe one of the reasons why the 31-year-old British-Greek actor is obsessed with more than a few elements of grooming is because of frequent and intimate run-ins with his fans.

"I think the weirdest encounter I have had is fans asking for photographs while I am in the toilet," Theo James said according to Fresno Bee.

But a part of self-care that the actor expressed not really enjoying is his facial hair. He looks pretty good with a little bit of a scruff, so that's not really an issue for his fans.

Theo and Shailene have been thrown into the spotlight again with Allegiant coming out in all cinemas. Seeing how they have dedicated years to this project, it's no surprise that they take a lot away with them as Divergent Series come to an end.

"The driving theme of 'Allegiant' is that people should not be separated or categorized because of differences, whether they are physical or mental or economic," Theo said to Fresno Bee. "Another theme is a young woman growing into maturity and how she evolves and adapts and reacts to big, huge problems."

Despite the fact that they have physically, emotionally and mentally invested in the story, the film did not do so well in the box office.

"Allegiant managed just a $29 million opening weekend, well under the debuts of 2014's "Divergent" ($54.6 million) and "Insurgent" ($52.2 million last year)," according to the Wrap.

The article gave a few reasons as to why Allegiant failed in grossing as high as it could have. It noted that the public may be getting tired of the dystopian teenage genre, in which the youth take on a fictional failing world, like in Hunger Games.

The final part of Allegiant is due to come out next summer, which means that the film series gets another chance to redeem itself.

However, the actors seem ready to move on from the franchise that made them public figures. Shailene Woodley has already shooting new series for HBO and the workaholic Theo James have been tirelessly churning out movie projects during the time he had off from Divergent Series.

The end of the franchise means that they also get to take their personal lives more seriously. Despite the fact that he keeps his personal relationships on the down low, Theo James has been dating Ruth Kearney for more than three years, which may mean that getting hitched may becoming more of a possibility than theory.

Shailene Woodley has also expressed interest in not getting stuck in Hollywood and exploring the world without inhibitions. Looks like nothing is going to hold back her hippie dippie soul!

[Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images]