Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Her Booty In Latest Sultry Instagram Posts

Fitness model and coach Tammy Hembrow has been sharing a lot of sizzling-hot photos on her Instagram page lately and a couple of new ones have her followers buzzing. Hembrow is known for her bikini shots and a new pair of pictures showcase all of her curves in all of the best ways.

The latest photo Tammy Hembrow posted on her Instagram page shows her in a bright blue bikini. She's kneeling in the water on the beach and she's got both of her arms raised over her head that is tilted back slightly. Tammy's hair is wet and she's got sunglasses on, and a couple of Hembrow's signature tattoos are visible in the shot.

The fitness model didn't share any specifics about the photo, but a few days ago she did share another photo from the same outing. In that Instagram post, she's wearing the same bikini and sunglasses, but she's arching her back and leaning back into the water, bracing herself with her hands.

Both of these bikini photos show off Tammy's toned figure including her curvy booty and her cleavage. Each of the pictures snagged hundreds of thousands of likes from Hembrow's followers and more than 2,000 comments were added between the two shots.

Most of the people commenting note that she's on fire and think she looks gorgeous. Several said that she is "body goals" and a few noted that she's outdone herself with these latest pictures.

People also seemed to love the blue bikini, but she didn't add a note or tag about which line they're from. However, the photos appear to probably be from a photo shoot she was doing of some sort, so additional details may emerge down the road.

Hembrow went through a tough split a while back after ending her relationship with Reece Hawkins. There are signs that things are still a bit tender on that front, but Tammy appears to be focused on her kids and building her brand. She posts bikini shots on the regular, and she also frequently shares pictures and photos of her with her two children, Saskia and Wolf.

Seeing the fitness model in a bikini on her Instagram page is nothing new, as her followers know. However, the bright blue style she donned in these latest photos really seems to have been a hit with her fans.

Tammy Hembrow has accrued nearly 9 million Instagram followers now and she's been teasing a lot of projects she has in the works. She seems focused on forging forward and her fans are confident that she'll have more great stuff to share soon.