Is Lala Kent Breaking Lisa Vanderpump’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Rules?

Lala Kent is getting ready to watch her first performance on a reunion show. She just joined Vanderpump Rules this season and viewers are already falling in love with Kent. She’s outspoken and strong, so one can imagine that she’s ready to share her honest thoughts on this reunion show. And Lala seems to have issues with many people, including Jax Taylor and James Kennedy.

According to a new Bravo report, Lala Kent could be breaking some of the rules that Lisa Vanderpump had put out for her. Since this was Kent’s first reunion, Lisa wanted to advise her of the stressful event. She gave her three rules to follow. First, enter the reunion with allies. This could be troublesome, as Lala’s friends are not on the show as full-time cast members. She does get along with James Kennedy sometimes, but he has moved on with a new lady and it is possible that he isn’t a big fan of Kent anymore.

The second rule is to remember that the reunion show will be over in a few hours. She doesn’t have to get caught up in the drama and carry it around with her, especially when it comes to the lies that Jax told about her, or James’ comments about her sex life. Just remember that the reunion special is over in a few hours and she can move on.

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And the last rule is to stay strong and not let Lisa down. There’s no doubt that Lala Kent will try to stay strong during the reunion special, but it is possible that she will let Lisa down. One can imagine that someone will say something about Lala and she will get upset. There have been so many lies about Kent and her relationships on the show, so it is very possible that Kent could lose her cool.

Us Weekly covered some of the drama on Vanderpump Rules and it sounds like Kristen Doute had a few things to say about Lala Kent. Kristen and Kent get into it during the reunion. Kristen said she resented Kent for “f–king around with my ex-boyfriend [James Kennedy]. I don’t like the things I’ve seen on social media that she’s said about my friends.”

Of course, Kristen and Kent had no relationship to one another prior to Kent coming on the show, so it was not like there’s a sense of loyalty between the girls. In addition, Kristen walked out on James after she learned that he cheated on her, so she could probably care less about what or who he’s doing after the split. But Lala was ready to reply to Doute’s claims, saying that she didn’t appreciate being judged by someone who didn’t even know her.

“I don’t like the things that you’ve said either, and I gave you a chance, and I feel like you gave me one, and it was almost like it was fake. Like, ‘How does this benefit me if I’m friends with Lala?'” Kent replied. Kristen who fired back with, “I’m like the least fake person you will ever meet!”

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It is also interesting that Kristen is a big part of the reunion special, considering she’s no longer working at SUR. However, she kept showing up at the restaurant and she dated James Kennedy throughout the season. But when Stassi Schroeder showed up, it was possible that Bravo saw this duo as a perfect fit for the show.

But, since Lala Kent is new to the show, she doesn’t have to worry about Kristen and Stassi on the reunion special.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump’s rules for Lala Kent and the Vanderpump Rules reunion?

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