#HeGone? LeBron James Unfollows Cavs On Twitter And Instagram — Still Follows His Wife

The last time LeBron James got this much buzz on Twitter was when LeBron was accused of trying to steal Beyoncé away from Jay Z, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Now, James is getting plenty of attention on his Twitter and Instagram accounts because of the news that broke on Monday, March 21, with claims that LeBron stopped following the Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter and Instagram accounts. The news about LeBron unfollowing the Cavs was broke by a guy named on Alex @kaneycobain on Twitter. Now, multiple news outlets are picking up on the possibilities of what it could mean that James unfollowed his own team on social media.

By LeBron unfollowing the Cavaliers on Twitter and on Instagram, speculation has begun over whether that means James is somehow preparing to leave the Cavs. As reported by the Bleacher Report,‎ the publication was able to verify that LeBron does not follow the Cavs on Twitter (by using DoesFollow.com) but they didn’t verify if James previously followed the Cavs on Twitter.

The “DoesFollow.com” image cited by Alex in the above photo lists that a change occurred with LeBron no longer following the Cavs Twitter account @cavs on Monday, March 21.

A Google cache of the people that King James’ Twitter account followed as of February 28, doesn’t list all the folks that LeBron followed on Twitter as of that time. The list of the 159 Twitter accounts that LeBron currently follows doesn’t appear to include the Cavs.

Alex apologized to LeBron on Twitter for letting the cat out of the proverbial Cavs bag, but as of this writing, James hasn’t confirmed or denied what it might mean that King James no longer follows the Cavs on social media.

Akron and Cleveland celebrated when LeBron decided to return to the Cavs and promised the cities a championship, telling the Akron crowd that he “missed that home-cooking.”

Whether the bloom is off the rose or if much ado is being made about nothing surrounding LeBron’s social media life remains to be seen. It has, however, put a hyper focus on the people and accounts LeBron follows, and those the Cavs follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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LeBron’s most recent Instagram post featured Jay-Z, and a quote that featured Shawn Carter noting how people might look at others strange and claim that they’ve changed but noted that there’s no point in working hard to remain at the same level. Whether that alludes to big and great changes on the horizon for LeBron will no doubt reveal itself in time.

Meanwhile, LeBron follows 74 Instagram accounts as of this writing, including rapper Kendrick Lamar, comedian Kevin Hart and more Instagram accounts that give a peek into James’ psyche and tastes. Along with comedian Amy Schumer and sports heroes, LeBron also follows luxury accounts on Instagram, like Porsche, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Mega Mansions and Onlyforluxury.

LeBron still follows the NBA on Instagram, as well as the humorous Martin Payne account based off the Martin TV show of old. Of course, the “Champagne Papi” that is Drake deserves a follow from James, as well as Cavs teammates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith and others — including former Miami Heat teammates. Perhaps most importantly, LeBron still follows Mrs_Savannahrj, LeBron’s wife.

LeBron can be seen in the above photo playing for the Cavs on Monday, March 21, in Cleveland. With the news about James’ unfollowing the Cavs on social media, Cleveland and Akron fans are likely hoping the buzz is just a fluke. As the rumors fly around online, the #hegone hashtag features folks already creating funny memes and hashtags about LeBron potentially leaving the Cavs.

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