What Happened To ‘Tour Group’ On Bravo? Was This Show Canceled?

If you are a huge Bravo fan, then you might have noticed that the show Tour Group isn’t on anymore. This has the fans of Tour Group curious about the show and whether it has been canceled or if it will be coming back again. Real Mr. Housewife was able to get the scoop on what is going on right now with Tour Group. This show premiered on March 1, fans loved it, but it only aired two shows and disappeared.

The third episode of Tour Group was supposed to air last week after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but fans noticed that Tour Group didn’t air at all. Instead, the show will be back but not until May. They decided to take Tour Group off the air until after the next season of Below Deck airs. Tour Group will be back on May 10 on Bravo. The news about the break was shared on social networks, but didn’t explain the details at all.

Now, an insider from Tour Group is sharing behind-the-scenes details about why the powers that be chose to take it off the air for a bit.

“Production feels that the love triangle between Jared and the twins is artificial and boring. They want to relaunch the show with some real drama, specifically the feud of long-time BFF’s Heather and Amy, which will be the main storyline when the show returns. This reboot will give the show the boost that it needs.”

It sounds like Bravo really wants Tour Group to succeed, but the drama just wasn’t at the level they wanted it to be. They will now have a couple months to get some better stuff out of Tour Group filming. Real Mr. Housewife got the chance to talk to the CEO of Beauty Kitchen and cast member on the show Heather Marianna to get her thoughts on the upcoming for Tour Group.

“I am very excited for this! Trust me, this is a great move for the show. I have done TV many times for Beauty Kitchen and other reality show appearances, so I know how to trust the process. Bravo TV knows what they are doing… network’s know what is best for the cast and the show. The first two episodes were a little boring… I’m excited for the real stories to be told. I really think episode three is going to jump start it! It’s where the drama begins in Kenya so stay tuned. The audience and Bravo junkies are going to love it.”

It does sound like things are going to work out for Tour Group and viewers can’t wait to see how it all goes down. Tour Group will be back in May. Until then, viewers will just have to enjoy all of the other shows full of drama on Bravo.

Link Is shared that some people were really upset about a recent episode ofTour Group. They go on a lot of trips on the show, and one recent trip featured elephant rides in Thailand. Some viewers feel like the rides are animal cruelty and should not be promoted. These fans are trying to do everything they can to get that episode removed, even when it comes to showing reruns of it on Bravo. The activist fans are also trying to get Andy Cohen to notice their tweets and talk about the issue on his show, Watch What Happens Live.

One thing that Tour Group will have to worry about is losing their fans during the break and due to the controversy. They do not want people to give up on the show or to think it is gone and done. Will you still watch Tour Group when it returns? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Image via Bravo/Facebook]