‘Battleborn’ Faction, The Last Light Consortium, Seeks To Make A Profit Off The Universe Ending

In Battleborn, five factions fight to save the last the star in the universe from being eradicated. Heroes, also known as Battleborn, fight together to stop this from happening while sparring with each other along the way. Players can help save the universe in the game’s story mode or battle against their fellow players in three competitive modes. While collecting loot, heroes and players’ accounts will level up unlocking new features like skins, augments and badges.

With a rich story mode offering up a PvE experience for players, it is no surprise that the game features five unique factions. Each Battleborn hero belongs to a faction representing their overall goal in addition to any personal ambition they might favor. For instance, Thorn, the bow-wielding Aelfrin belongs to the Eldrid faction, those seeking to preserve the universe and everything nature has to offer. The latest faction to be previewed is the Last Light Consortium, a group of merchants, bankers, and creators looking to earn some cash off the total destruction of the universe.


Last week, the creative director for Battleborn answered a few questions on the Last Light Consortium, also known as the LLC, in regards to their design and overall impression. With a style described as “Rococo-meets-Victorian,” the LLC is filled with allies in long coats and hoop skirts. Members include Marquis, the gentleman sniping robot, and Phoebe with her array of floating swords. The full list of questions and answers can be found on the official website.

The answers to those questions make up the third part of the overview on the LLC. In the first official preview, players are introduced to the LLC and their greater intention to make a living off of the last star’s fate. The LLC broke off from the United Peacekeeping Republics when the faction sought to take the Eldrid planet of Ekkunar. Members of the LLC saw the failure as an opportunity to play both sides by offering arms and goods to both sides for a tidy profit.

Battleborn Phoebe chasing Orendi in ‘Battleborn’ [Image via Gearbox Software]Members of the LLC call the Arcfleet home according to the official Battleborn website. Instead of a traditional planet, the LLC use an armada of arcships and guildships as their base of operations. Humans, AI, and hybrids all live among the fleet of ships with the overall goal of profit above all else. High profile families and important ships comprise the Arcfleet with prominent names. In fact, the Drone Carrier Thrax is rumored to be home to the Magna Carta, the AI trade specialist Magnus that once led the LLC.

“While there are entire Guildships loaded with inhabitants according to trade – artisans, lawyers, and accountants to name a few – there are a handful of exceptionally exquisite ships in the Arcfleet. Beyond the behemoths responsible for manufacturing drones for Minion Robotics, here are a few of the more notable ships.”

With the release of Battleborn just weeks away, the title is already printed on discs for the May 3 launch and its developers have divulged the game’s future of DLC as well. Just last week the Gearbox Software team detailed what kinds of downloadable content will be available for the game after its launch. As the Inquisitr reported, much of the game’s upcoming content will be free while additional story mode missions, skins and taunts will be available in affordable DLC. Maps, heroes, modes and other features will be added to Battleborn as free updates so that the player base is not separated by purchases.

Battleborn ISIC fighting Geoff in one of the ‘Battleborn’ story missions. [Image via Gearbox Software]Paid DLC will include five add-on packs for $5 each that contain a Story Operation, skins and taunts. The season pass for these pieces of DLC is just $20, while players wanting to save even more cash on Battleborn and its season pass can pick up the Digital Deluxe edition of the game for just $75. Other DLC is expected but Gearbox Software has reiterated that other pieces of DLC will likely only be cosmetic and consist of skins for the heroes.

[Image via Gearbox Software]