WWE Hall Of Famer Goes Off On John Morrison After His Harsh Comments About Roman Reigns

In the world of professional wrestling, many superstars stick together and that is even more true when it comes to real family. Recently, John Morrison (Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground) made some rather harsh comments about Roman Reigns and his abilities in the ring. Well, WWE Hall of Famer, and Reigns’ cousin, Rikishi came to his defense and had something to say to Morrison.

On an edition of The World According to Wrestling podcast a couple of weeks ago, John Morrison was talking about a number of topics. He talked about how he loves the way Lucha Underground works and that he would like to face Seth Rollins one day in the ring.

wwe hall of famer rikishi john morrison mundo roman reigns [Image via WWE]It was then that the subject of Roman Reigns came up, and Morrison had some rather strong words to say about the two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

“Roman Reigns, I’d love to wrestle him in like 10 years if he’s still wrestling, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work.”

That’s one of the most obvious and hurtful digs that one wrestler can give to another. Sure, it may be helpful to some who are inexperienced and trying to break into the business, but Reigns has been around for years now and has won multiple titles.

Once word of the dig started going around, there were many who stepped up in defense of Reigns. One defender was his cousin Rikishi. No, the WWE Hall of Famer wasn’t going to just sit back and let anyone talk about his family like that.

Those are might strong words about someone who is about to main event WrestleMania 32 for the WWE Title, but John Morrison didn’t mince words. That’s why Rikishi got on his Facebook page and aimed his words right at Morrison.

“Fortunately for Joe Anoa’i ‪#‎RomanReigns‬ in just 4 years of wrestling he has been 2 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Tag Team Champion, Royal Rumble Winner, WWE Wrestler of the Year and Main event Wrestlemania! What have you done in your first 4 years of wrestling. Even in 10 years you won’t be in his level to share the ring. ‪#‎LetThatMarinate‬‪#‎SamoanDynasty‬ ‪#‎AnoaiStrong‬”

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, Rikishi does have a very good point. During his time on WWE’s main roster (2004 – 2011), Morrison won the Intercontinental Championship three times, WWE Tag Team Titles four times, World Tag Team Titles, ECW World Title, two Slammy Awards, and Tough Enough III.

Roman Reigns has been on the WWE main roster (2015 – present) and has won the WWE World Title twice, the WWE Tag Team Titles, the Royal Rumble, and seven Slammy Awards. That really isn’t a bad set of accomplishments in a short period of time.

wwe hall of famer rikishi john morrison mundo roman reigns [Image via WWE]Right now, Roman Reigns is on a hot streak whether the majority of the WWE fan base likes it or not. He’s been doing well and improving in the ring as WWE continues to push him to the moon and back. There are some things he still needs to work on, such as his mic work, but he wouldn’t be in the Mania main event if the company had no faith in him.

John Morrison simply feels that he’s not deserving of the spot, and wanted to speak on how he feels about Reigns.

Rikishi is a WWE Hall of Famer who paid his dues, worked through a lot of bad gimmicks, pushed in the wrong direction, and empty gymnasiums. Now, he’s sticking up for his family and a young superstar in Roman Reigns when strong and harsh words like those of John Morrison hit the public.

[Image via WWE]