‘Modern Family’ Divorce Gets Ugly With Accusations Swirling

The family lives on ABC’s Modern Family might seem pretty happy but the same cannot be the said right now for show creator Steve Levitan, who is in the middle of a public, messy divorce. There is a lot of money at stak, and now there are suggestions of restraining orders and a lot of “he said”/”she said” arguments. Will the future story lines of Modern Family include a divorce story arc?

According to the Inquisitr, the new season of Modern Family shows each of the families being in some level of transition, but none of them seem to suggest divorce. The Dunphys are almost empty-nesters, Jay and Gloria are sending Joe off to preschool, while Cam and Mitch are dealing with what it’s like to be out of work and the stress that can put on a relationship.

TMZ is reporting that Steve Levitan of Modern Familys wife, Krista, filed for divorce in January. Steve Levitan says that Krista Levitan’s lawyer has decided on a scorched earth tactic that is ruining the reputation of the Modern Family creator.

Levitan says that there are many millions of dollars to go around, and so there is no reason for all of the animosity, yet Krista Levitan is bringing much of the nastiness to the table. But from the perspective of Krista Levitan, she claims she is being harassed, that Steve Levitan has come to the family home uninvited, and she wants a restraining order. She also claims that the Modern Family creator has been abusive.

Steve Levitan claims that she is just acting bitterly, there is no abuse, and that his wife just wants to smear his name.

“I have never assaulted my wife. I have never threatened to assault my wife. These allegations are abusive, false and an attempt to smear my name and reputation.”

The judge decided that there was no reason for a restraining order, but the division of assets continues. It is reported that Steve Levitan makes over $2.4 million per month.

People says the divorce is so public, Krista Levitan has revealed to the world that the creator of Modern Family is making some major bank from the show that is now in syndication and plays around the world.

Also submitted to the court in the Levitan divorce are the monthly expenses, which top one million per month for the Modern Family creator’s household. Approximately $12,000 is spent on clothing, $8,600 on domestic help, and $14,000 is spent on entertainment and gifts for the Levitan family.

The Levitan court documents also list irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce, which is curious, considering that Krista Levitan is now citing abuse and harassment. Krista Levitan is asking for spousal support and for Steve Levitan to pay for the legal fees for both sides. The Levitans have been married for 23 years and have three adult children; child support is a non-issue.


The Daily Mail is saying that there is no prenup in the Modern Family marriage; so, as the Levitans live in a community property state, Krista Levitan is due to likely get half. Steve Levitan has said in the past that many of the story lines in Modern Family have been poached from his own life and marriage.

“We go home, we spend time with our kooky families and we write down what they do and say. that’s how we get about half of our stories,” Levitan said at Paley Fest.

Modern Family remains one of the top sitcoms for the last few years on television.

Does it seem like the Modern Family divorce of the Levitans should be easy, at least financially?

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