Top Chef Winner Paul Qui Is Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend

Top Chef winner Paul Qui found himself in hot water when the police showed up to his apartment. Qui was arrested at his apartment when police responded to a call from Qui’s friend who said that he and Qui’s girlfriend were “fighting.”

Kxan reports, that when police officers arrived at the scene, they heard the couple shouting and yelling coming from inside of the apartment. When the police officers came through the door, they found the Top Chef winner with “blood all over his face, arms, legs and clothing.”

To make matters worse, what officers also found inside the apartment of the Top Chef winner was Qui’s girlfriend crying and clutching her small son. In addition to the present blood, the apartment’s condition was in disarray. Court documents cite that the conditions of the apartment were horrific. “The furniture and glass broken—blood was also found smeared on the walls and the floor of the apartment.”

The Top Chef winner’s girlfriend spoke to the police and called Qui “very controlling and extremely jealous.”

It’s said that Qui’s girlfriend was asleep with her son in the apartment when the Top Chef winner came in and started to party with friends, where he consumed drugs and alcohol. According to the girlfriend, Qui decided to wake up his sleeping girlfriend to ask if she wanted to party with them.

After joining the Top Chef winner and his friends, Qui angrily accused her of flirting with his friends and became enraged. It’s said that he began to knock over furniture and broke items in the house. That is when she decided to grab a few of her own items and tried to leave with her son, except Qui wouldn’t allow her to leave.

According to Qui’s girlfriend, he stood in front of the door and “forcibly pushed her and her son away.” Qui then allegedly threw his girlfriend against walls, forbidding her to leave the apartment. The Top Chef winner hasn’t made a statement, but according to the affidavit, Qui admitted “to not allowing [the victim] to leave the apartment because he wanted the police to come and see all the damage in the apartment.”

An official told People magazine, “Qui was arrested on charges of unlawful restraint and assault causing bodily injury to a family member, a public information officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.” This also includes a class A misdemeanor.

This isn’t the only Top Chef contestant charged with violence against their significant other. As The Inquisitr reported, back in November of 2014, Top Chef contestant Aaron Grissom was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend. According to TMZ, Grissom pushed his girlfriend hard enough to injure her knee and was charged with “infliction of corporal injury on a spouse.” Later on, Grissom posted his bail which was set at $50,000.

At the time, Yahoo! TV described Grissom as quite the character.

“‘Top Chef’ has had plenty of unlikable cheftestants over the years… But rarely have we seen such pure, unfiltered villainy as we’ve seen this season in Aaron, the wildly overconfident, tatted-up L.A. chef who looks like a frat-boy Adam Pally doing a bad De Niro impression. When Aaron’s not insulting his fellow competitors, he’s whining about his hard-luck life.”

As for Qui, he was the Season 9 winner of Top Chef in 2011. He currently owns a restaurant in Austin called Qui restaurant. Later on, he posted bail at $20,000.

[Photo by Bravo]