Michael Phelps Could Take Very Different Role In 2016 Summer Olympics

Michael Phelps might be retiring after the 2012 London Games but that doesn’t mean he won’t return with a very different role in 2016. According to several sources network executives are attempting to lure Phelps into an Olympic announcer role.

Phelps will leave the 2012 London Olympics as the most decorated athlete of all-time.

A source at NBC Sports tells TMZ:

“The man is smoking hot right now” — and they “would definitely hire Michael” to cover the Olympics in 2016.

Executives also want Phelps to cover major world events that occur over the next four years, an opportunity that could bring more viewers to those less watched events while paying Phelps a heap of money.

With Michael Phelps already recognized as one of the most well-known living Olympians it is likely that a bidding war will start over his services should he choose to leave swimming behind for an announcer/commentator role of some sort.

Even with a bidding war its likely Phelps will join NBC which owns the broadcast rights for the Olympics through 2020 in the United States. Despite that Olympic ownership an ABC rep said of the swimmers potential

“If he would, we would gladly scoop him up to work for us.”

At this point it is still unclear what type of salary Phelps would be expected to earn for his announcing efforts.

Phelps could prove to be the authoritative voice the Olympics and other swimming events need, however he could branch out and report on the Olympics atmosphere in general thanks to his experience at the event.

Forbes reports that 4.7 billion people tuned in to witness Phelps’ historic hot streak in Beijing. In a recent survey 89 percent of people could identify Phelps.

The simple fact is this, when Michael Phelps is swimming Olympics ratings hit their highest points.

Would Michael Phelps as announcer make you watch the Olympics more or less?