Ellen DeGeneres Gets Comedian With Terminal Cancer HBO Special

Ellen DeGeneres has made news yet again! This time not for her amazing one-liners but for something she did for a terminally ill cancer patient. Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show Monday that she was able to convince HBO to work with and air a stand-up comedy special featuring Quincy Jones. He is a 32-year-old comedian who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before, and she donated $15,000 to his campaign. She had even pleaded HBO or Netflix they air Jone’s special. The promise made on that show was fulfilled by DeGeneres, when she announced that HBO has indeed agreed to air the special.

“Here’s the thing that you mentioned last time, that you want to do a comedy special. That’s really important for you to do a comedy special,” Ellen said, Just Jared has reported.

“We called the head of HBO, and your people didn’t even tell you this, but HBO is gonna air your special,” DeGeneres told the very surprised Jones, Entertainment Weekly has reported.

Jones was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer last July, and he had said he wanted to do a comedy special before he died. Jones’ friends started a Kicstarter page to collect money for production costs. The goal was less than $5,000, but it now has $50,000. DeGeneres has been very generous to the cause and presented him with $10,000 from Shutterfly. And then she gave an addtional $15,000 too. Sources have said the special will be recorded on April at Terragram Ballroom.

“You’re going to need money because making a special and producing a special is also very expensive so Shutterfly wants to give you $15,000,” she told the shocked comedian.

The comedian was clearly happy that he now has the means and the backing to air a special that he’s probably wanted all his life. And one has to appreciate Ellen DeGeneres for her amazing generosity.


Hello Magazine reported that the young comedian was rather sad by his diagnosis, just like anyone would be, at this young age. He said many of his friends are getting married and having kids at his age, but he is just counting days. He said he wanted to do something significant in his time on Earth.

“I’m at that age where all my friends are having kids and getting married so I had to do some reflecting and I was like what do I have to show for my 32 years on Earth,” he said. “Oh, I do comedy, I’m a comedian, why not try and film this special?”

It’s clear that Jones was pretty ecstatic when he heard the news. The comedian has been given a year to live.


The comedian said he was very happy with the surprise.

“Oh My God. That’s the best surprise. Thank you so much,” stunned Quincy said.

“Yeah, it’s great!” replied Ellen. “HBO was like ‘Yes, of course we’ll air it.'”

The show’s Instagram also featured the picture of the comedian and her on the show. The picture showed a very happy Qunicy Jones and a smiling DeGeneres.

The caption said, “Comedian Quincy Jones’ dream came true today and no one is happier about it than I am.”

Of course, Ellen DeGeneres’ followers responded with a lot of enthusiasm, and they were very appreciative of DeGeneres.

“You’re such a blessing Ellen,” one said.

“This is fantastic!” said another.

Do you think Ellen DeGeneres did the right thing by getting the comedian a special on HBO? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]