Jamie Otis Of ‘MAFS’ Reveals Pre-Baby Bucket List Is Done: Are Jamie And Doug Ready For A Child?

Jamie Otis of Married at First Sight has been very honest that she wants a baby and soon. Her husband, Doug, just wasn’t quite ready for it, though. Doug made this pre-baby bucket list that the couple had to complete before they had a baby. Now, Radar Online is sharing the news that Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have completed their pre-baby bucket list. So does this mean Jamie is already pregnant or at least ready for a baby?


Jamie shared that she still can’t wait to be a mom, but she isn’t pregnant just yet. Jamie and Doug are doing great and their marriage is a lot stronger than it was before. Now, Jamie is revealing that she really wants to wait until Doug is ready for a baby. Here is what Jamie had to say about it all.

“We’re not trying for a baby right now. I don’t want to push my husband. I want my husband to be just as equally excited as I am when we find out the news. I was an accident baby and it didn’t feel good knowing that growing up.”

One other reason that Jamie Otis doesn’t want a baby just yet is she wants to have a house and a nursery before they take this step. Jamie and Doug aren’t set up that way just yet. Jamie Otis has been busy and just wrote her first book. Jamie’s book is called Wifey 101: Everything I Got Wrong After Finding Mr. Right. Jamie shared that she does love her mother, but she caused a lot of problems for her children. She went on to talk about her book explaining what readers will get.

“There are deep dark secrets I’ve kept hidden from the public because I felt very ashamed and insecure about them. You can’t live in shame and fear and hide your whole life. Someone has to say they’ve done this so other people who have also had these same problems can turn to you for support.”


IB Times shared about how Jamie Otis revealed that her new book was coming back in December. Jamie told a fan already that how she ended up marrying someone without meeting them would be discussed in the book. Jamie said it was not a simple answer. Before joining Married at First Sight, Jamie Otis was also on the show The Bachelor, but she didn’t end up finding love there. Reality television has been good to Jamie Otis, though, and helped her to get where she is today.

Deb Baer, who has a history of writing with reality stars, helped Jamie Otis with her book. Deb also helped Courtney Robertson when she wrote her book about The Bachelorette and more. This should help make it an amazing book.

Jamie Otis has also started her own line of jewelry. It sounds like the jewelry line and book deal could end up helping Jamie and Doug get to the point where they can have a house and a nursery for a baby. These are both things that they want to have before deciding to get pregnant.

Are you ready to hear that Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are having a baby? They are almost to the point where this news will be coming soon. You can see what Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are up to along with Courtney and Jason on Tuesday nights on FYI. Their new show Married at First Sight: The First Years is now airing Season 2.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for A+E]