Meghan Trainor Blasted As A 'Fat Whale' By Online Bullies

Meghan Trainor is getting candid about cyber bullying and recalling how online trolls described her as a "fat whale."

Trainor recalled the shocking online abuse she received in a new interview with the Sun's Fabulous magazine, where Meghan also opened up about her weight and the responsibility she feels when it comes to representing an array of women of all shapes and sizes.

Speaking out about the social media drama that followed her 2016 Grammy Award win for Best New Artist, Trainor admitted that fans of singer Tori Kelly, who was also up for the award last month, sent her some pretty nasty hate tweets about her weight following her big win.

"I woke up [after the Grammys] to messages saying: 'You fat whale, that award should have gone to Tori Kelly, give it back,'" Meghan confessed to Fabulous magazine. "These people can be ruthless. I try not to read online comments as they can be really hurtful."

Trainor also opened up about the insecurities the majority of women feel about their bodies in the candid new interview, confessing to the magazine that despite proudly showing off her assets, she still feels insecure about her shape "all the time."

"It's a big responsibility," Trainor told Fabulous of being a poster girl for curvier women. "But the feedback I get from fans who used to hate their bodies or feel so insecure that they didn't leave the house makes it totally worthwhile."

But while online haters may have sent Meghan hateful messages about her body, Meghan Trainor confessed that she's never actually been asked to slim down by her team.

"No label or manager has ever told me to lose weight," Meghan said.

Revealing that she has no desire to change her shape or size ("If it means I can eat pizza and bacon, I'll wear the Spanx," Trainor joked), Meghan also got candid about plastic surgery and the world's sudden obsession with big lips in her revealing new interview with Fabulous.

"I don't get the whole massive lips thing. I don't like the idea of plastic surgery - you're cutting into your face," Meghan revealed of her stance when it comes to going under the knife. "We don't even do tattoos in my family. I know my body will sag and I don't want tattoos I've paid for to end up as an ugly blob," Trainor added.

But this certainly isn't the first time Meghan has opened up about body confidence. Back in October, Meghan admitted to Entertainment Tonight that confidence is actually something she still has to work on every day.

"My confidence, I'm still working on every day. Everybody is," Trainor said at the time, where she also confessed that singing about body confidence in her huge hit "All About That Bass" was actually "terrifying" for her.

"It's terrifying, saying to the entire world, 'Hey, I'm a little curvy and I'm in love with it, I'm fine with it!' when I really was not 100 percent fine with it while writing the song," Trainor said. "It was more of a song that I wish I was hearing on the radio to help me with my insecurities."

Meghan also opened up to the site about young women growing up and learning to accept their bodies, confessing, "It's hard growing up, especially for young curvy girls like me."

"I remember shopping at the mall... and all my friends would be the small, and I would be getting that [large]. I couldn't even shop at particular stores," Meghan Trainor admitted.

What do you think of Meghan Trainor's latest body confidence confessions?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]