Yolanda Foster Addresses Speculation She And Erika Girardi Aren’t Real Friends

Yolanda Foster introduced Erika Girardi to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers and their co-stars as her friend. According to Yolanda and Erika, they became friends through their husbands. In one of Erika’s early scenes as a housewife, she and her husband, attorney Tom Girardi, paid Yolanda and David Foster, when Yolanda and David were still together, a visit to their home. However, there has been speculation that Erika wasn’t even Yolanda’s friend and that she was specifically brought on the show just so that Yolanda could have someone on her side after the departures of her Season 5 allies Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards.

In a statement to All About the Real Housewives posted on Monday, Yolanda denied the speculation that Erika is someone who is getting paid to play the part of her friend. Yolanda first pointed out that everyone on the cast is paid for their participation and that Erika was hired after going through the normal casting process.

“We are all getting paid for our job on the show. Erika went through the casting process just like all of us and got the job because she is great.”

Yolanda went on to say that she and Erika are friends in real life. Yolanda again stated that Erika got the job not just because Erika’s her friend but because she’s great.

“It’s all so silly, As you know I have always been friendly with all my co-workers-people forget this is our job- Erika is a real life friend, she knows me better and more intimate than any other woman on the show… But that’s not the reason she got the job. She got it because she is great. I always wonder what the intent behind the questioning is, I guess it’s drama driven.”

Throughout the season, Erika Girardi has stuck by Yolanda Foster’s side and defended her when others have questioned her. In one episode, Erika overheard Lisa Vanderpump say, in response to Kyle’s questioning, that Yolanda’s ex-husband and father to her children, Mohamed Hadid, told her that Bella and Anwar Hadid are fine and that he doesn’t believe they have Lyme disease. When Erika later met up with Yolanda, she told her what Lisa said, which Yolanda took to be an accusation that she’s lying out of a sense of loyalty to her.

In another episode, Erika lashed out at Lisa Rinna after Lisa R. refused to name who told her that Yolanda might have Munchausen syndrome rather than true Lyme disease. During that confrontation, Lisa R. maintained that she only repeated what others were saying rather than saying herself that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome. Yolanda, not believing Lisa R., demanded that Lisa R. reveal the identity of who accused her of having Munchausen. When Lisa R. refused to give a name, Erika screamed at her.

In another episode, Erika told Lisa Vanderpump exactly why she thinks she’s manipulative, or in Erika’s words, “a sniper from the side.” Erika thought it was suspicious that both Lisa V. and Kathryn Edwards questioned her over how long she has been friends with Yolanda days within one another. Erika accused Lisa V. of trying to discredit her friendship with Yolanda.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn spoke up to defend Lisa V. Kathryn wrote in her blog that it was just coincidence that she and Lisa V. asked Erika how long she has known Yolanda. Kathryn expressed bewilderment over Erika’s belief that Lisa V. wants to discredit her friendship with Yolanda.

What is true is that Erika Girardi has hung out with Yolanda Foster socially after filming for Season 6 ended. As the Inquisitr reported, Erika attended Yolanda’s birthday lunch in January. Erika also spent last Tuesday night at Yolanda’s home, where they watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together. After filming for the Season 6 reunion show finished, Yolanda praised Erika for being a true and loyal friend.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]