#SaferThanATrumpRally Surges With 20,000 Tweets As People List Things Safer Than A Donald Trump Rally

According to Twitter, the hashtag #SaferThanATrumpRally is currently trending, with 19,600 tweets from people listing things that are safer than attending a Donald Trump rally. With the recent violence displayed at Trump rallies, the hashtag seems apropos for a social media experiment to try and lighten the heavy political mood, with cries of racism, fascism, and plenty of other “isms” swirling around the political process as of late.

With recent viral video footage of pro-Trump supporter Air Force airman Tony Pettway snatching a sign from 33-year-old anti-Trump protester Bryan Sanders and then beating and kicking Sanders at a Tucson Trump rally, as reported by the Inquisitr, Trump rallies seem to grow more dangerous by the day. Sanders reported that he could have been killed at a Trump rally.

As such, certain folks are taking to Twitter to literally list things that seem genuinely safer than attending a Trump rally, such as going on a hike in the beautiful natural setting of Tucson.


Others on Twitter are using the #SaferThanATrumpRally hashtag to steal moments from classic movies like the Terminator and quip about allowing the bad cop featured in the film into your home as a safer move than attending a Trump rally.


Others are using the viral hashtag to tie it with key current events that aren’t necessarily related to politics. One Twitter user quipped that it was safer to be an Orca whale held in captivity at SeaWorld than a person attending a Trump rally these days.


Some turned to the Bill Cosby sexual assault situation to post blurry photos of the embattled comedian with words that described a person in trouble, insinuating that Cosby had given the viewer some sort of drugs to blur their vision and render them unconscious.


Another post turned to the well-known fact that plenty of black people tend to get killed pretty early on in horror films — sometimes within the first five minutes — to compare that role of being safer than participating in a Trump rally.


It isn’t just Twitter getting in on the #SaferThanATrumpRally hashtag fun. On Facebook, folks are also posting their thoughts about things, events, or circumstances that are safer than being at a Trump rally.

Going out to a bar in Tigerland ‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬

POTUS in Cuba is definitely ‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬

Eating a bowl of cereal, while driving a truck full of nitroglycerin…‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬
This is going to be a lot of fun. Who has a good one?

Being in shark infested water is ‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬!

A chimp playing with a loaded gun

Being in ‪#‎Bangladesh‬ during the 2012 ‪#‎hartals‬ was‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬.

Holding up a “tax the rich” sign at the yacht club is‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬

Seeking shelter in a fractured glass house during a F5 tornado.

Eating a puffer fish while bicycling naked down a mountain and doing meth is much ‪#‎SaferThanATrumpRally‬

As seen in the first photo above, a pro-Trump supporter of the Republican presidential candidate went to bat for the Donald as the Trump fan shouted against an anti-Trump protester. That scene played out on Saturday, March 19 in Tucson, Arizona. It was the same day that Pettway could be seen snatching a sign from Bryan Sanders as Sanders and another person, reportedly unrelated and wearing a KKK hood, were being led out of the Trump rally. As the viral video has shown, Bryan couldn’t make it safely out of the Trump rally before being sucker-punched by Pettway, as Sanders dropped to the ground and didn’t return any punches. Tony kicked and punched Bryan as some of those in attendance at the Trump rally shouted, “Trump, Trump!”

[Photo by Ross D. Franklin/AP]