Celebrity Photo Leak: Adele, Kendall Jenner, And Harry Styles Have Personal Pictures Posted Online

A celebrity photo leak has disrupted the lives of Adele, Kendall Jenner, and Harry Styles. According to Woman’s Day, an unidentified hacker has published personal photos of these three celebrities all over the internet. As one can probably imagine, these celebs aren’t too thrilled having their private pictures posted for all to see.

Harry Styles’ personal photos were posted online after his mom, Anne Cox, was hacked. According to Cosmopolitan, Anne feels responsible because the hacker got into her iCloud account which contained photos of Harry and his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. Several of these photos have been passed around on social media and show Harry and Kendall on vacation together, having some very private moments… or so they thought.

The celebrity photo leak of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner consisted of more than two dozen intimate photos, including pictures from their New Years yacht vacation in St. Barts. According to Us Weekly, there are images of the former couple in swimsuits, including one of Kendall wearing a very tiny bikini that she likely didn’t want the whole world to see. There were also a few other images in which the former couple was partially undressed, which were also meant to stay private.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have not spoken out about the photo leak. According to the New York Daily News, Harry’s mother has deleted her social media accounts. Twitter has taken action against the hacker’s fake account on their site and has suspended it indefinitely. It is unclear whether or not Harry’s mom will be seeking legal action to hold the person who did this responsible.

Kendall Jenner by Peter Michael Dills
Model Kendall Jenner (Photo by Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, One Direction fans have been furious about the whole thing and have posted about it on Twitter. Several have been sending messages to Harry letting him know that they are sorry that this happened to him and to his mom. Check out some of their tweets below.

Recording artist Harry Styles of One Direction (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Recording artist Harry Styles of One Direction (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The celebrity photo leak has also caused a great deal of anger for British superstar Adele. According to the International Business Times, the Hello singer is the latest victim of this unknown hacker. Photos from her childhood began popping up online, as well as a scan of her pregnancy — something that was very personal to her.

In general, Adele is a very private person, so having baby pictures of her son exposed has been a complete violation of her privacy. As for how the pictures were stolen, it is believed that the hacker was able to get into her partner, Simon Konechi’s, private email account.

Singer Adele in tears
Singer Adele in tears (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Adele, Harry Styles, and Kendall Jenner are not alone. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande were victims of a photo hacker back in 2014. That hacker literally had hundreds of nude and revealing photos of over 100 celebrities.

According to The Daily Caller, a photo hacker by the name of Ryan Collins was caught and arrested for stealing and publishing these photos. He confessed, however, and is currently awaiting his sentencing. Interestingly enough, Collins did not even account for a small fraction of the stolen photos around in 2014.

More details on the latest celebrity photo leak may become available in the coming days.

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole, Christopher Polk, and Victor Boyko/Getty Images]